The Tree who Stands Alone Quest Guide

Genshin Impact The Tree who Stands Alone. Side quest. World Quest. Mingyun Village. Mining spot. Trees Should Blend Their Roots and Shade achievement. Liyue region. Noctilucou Jade. Cor Lapis.
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update 28/10/2020

How to get the quest

Tree who Stands Alone 1
Tree who Stands Alone 2

To get the quest, you have to go to Mingyun village, shown on the image above, and talk to the old man ghost near the billboard.

Look around Mingyun Village

Tree who Stands Alone 3

Find the hidden note inside the broken down house located just south of the old man.

Look for a will (0/4)

Tree who Stands Alone 4

You will then be asked to go to 4 different mine locations and fine the wills. These places can be a good mining spot, so be sure to mark them on your map so you remember when they respawn every 1 or 2 days. There are some Noctilucous Jade, Cor Lapis, and some white iron chunks.

Tree who Stands Alone 5

The first one is pretty close to the village. Jump into the water and detonate the barrel bomb near the rock walls to open a hidden entrance. The other 3 are pretty straight forward, especially since 2 of them are near the teleport waypoint north of mingyun village.

Find the treasure

Tree who Stands Alone 6

Once you finish getting all 4, go to the designated location, and find a big tree. You will then be ambushed by some enemies.

Tree who Stands Alone 7

Clear them out and you will be able to claim your treasure. Completing this quest also gives you the achievement "Trees Should Blend Their Roots and Shade, For That Is Where the Home is Made".

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