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update 21/12/2020

Albedo Banner Rate Up

albedo character banner

Albedo is added into the game through the new event banner: Secretum Secretorum. Summoning on the banner will have a 50% chance of getting Albedo. Through the game's pity system, if your last five star that you got was not the banner character, the next 5 star is guaranteed to be the banner character. The rates of getting Bennett, Fischl, and Sucrose are also increased!

Weapons Rate Up

epitome invocation weapons banner

The new weapons banner comes with the release of a new 5 star sword Summit Shaper. The passive effect is the same as the previous "Golden Majesty" weapon passives. The other 5 star weapon with increased rate is the Skyward Atlas.

Albedo Character Information

Albedo is the Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius. He is considered by many to be an alchemical genius, who has the ability to create life through through his alchemical talents. The first encounter with Albedo will be in Dragonspine, where he takes the traveler and Paimon on a dangerous new quest, entrusting the traveler with a cursed sword.

Is Albedo Good?

Albedo is a Geo elemental sword user. His elemental skill is great as a support DPS since it doesn't require him to stay on the field, has a fairly long duration, as well as providing some utility with the Geo construct. The additional damage from the elemental skill scales with his DEF stat, encouraging him to be played more as a support role. His elemental burst is just straight up burst damage, with some follow up damage if used when his elemental skill is still up, but it can also give nearby allies some elemental mastery through his 5th ascension passive. Aside from constellation level 2, his other constellations won't change his playstyle or role that much.

Test Run

test run banner

Arriving with Albedo banner is the test run for the rate up characters. It is highly advised that you try out the characters first, and see if you like their playstyle. You can also view their status and information in the trial.

Story Quest

After the Version 1.2 update,Albedo's Story Quest "Princeps Cretaceus Chapter: Act I" will be available. Play through his story quest to get to know the character, as well as unlock the events for version 1.2 and the event sword: Festering Desire.

Should you pull?

If you already have a main DPS, but feel like you're lacking some damage, Albedo can help as a support DPS. His elemental skill is very easy to use and lasts for a long time, while his elemental burst is high damage and some elemental mastery buff. His main downside is low energy gain, and his skill can only proc once every 2 seconds, even if you are fighting multiple enemies.

You will get more value out of him if you happen to be using a Geo main damage dealer like Ningguang. The elemental resonance of 2 Geos will make you deal more damage, and being able to create more Geo particles makes them reach their burst much faster.

The banner also comes with great 4 star character options even if you don't plan on getting Albedo himself. All 3 characters are highly rated supports that are viable in any team. Both Bennett and Fischl are great supports but can also be played as the main damage dealer.


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