Fishing For Jade Quest Guide

Fishing For Jade Quest Guide. Milelith. Kun. Liyue Harbor. World Quest. Side quest. Water logged box. Yuehai pavilion. Baiwen.
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update 04/02/2021

How to start the quest

quest start
milelith kun

Talk to the mileltih, Kun, in Liyue Harbor behind the left teleport waypoint, and you will be asked to clean up the remains of the destroyed Jade Chamber.

Clear the flotsam

water location
5 boxes

The first location you'll have to clean up is very close. Head to the location and pick up the 5 boxes in the water.

second flotsam
second flotsam

Next location is on the other side of town. Similar to the one before, simply pick up the 5 boxes in the water.

Water-Logged Box

water logged box

After picking up all 5 of the boxes, you will get the "Water-Logged Box", a key item to progress with the quest. Talk to Kun back at the pier, and he will tell you to go someone who knows better.

Finishing the quest

yuehai pavilion

Talk to Baiwen in Yuehai Pavilion to complete the quest and get the rewards.

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