The Great Mountain Survey Quest Guide

Genshin Impact The Great Mountain Survey Quest Guide. survey beacons. peak of the mountain. cyrus. esther. world quest. dragonspine.
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update 28/12/2020

How to get the quest

quest start location
esther the researcher

Go to the location shown above, and talk to the researcher "Esther" to start the quest.

Retrieve the survey beacons (0/4)

survey beacons locations
2 survey beacons near wooden fence

All 4 beacons are in the circle area, and marked on the image above. 2 are close to the wooden fence shown above. The other one is to the west of the teleport waypoint, and the last one is in the upper right, close to the pond. The last one is frozen with the ice that requires scarlet quartz. The location of the scarlet quartz is marked on the map above with the star icon.

Place the survey beacons (0/4)

placing the survey beacons

You will have to place the survey beacons on top of some high areas. This section is fairly linear since all the spots are marked on your map. The exploration to place the beacons can help you travel around the map, which can be good for spotting some unclaimed crimson agates.

stamina consumption reduction food

Since there's going to be a lot of climbing, and sheer cold keeps accumulating, you can use stamina foods like the one above to conserve some stamina as you climb. This will also stack with "Goulash" the food that reduces sheer cold buildup rate.

The Great Mountain Survey II

Peak of Dragonspine

great mountain survey 2
peak of the mountain

After finishing her last quest, you can talk to her again for another quest: "The Great Mountain Survey II", where she will ask you to put 1 survey beacon on the peak of the mountain.

If you have yet to unlock the pathways to the top of the mountain, then you need to do various things that involve destroying blue crystals. Check the How to Unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr Domain page for that.

Claim the reward from Cyrus

talking to cyrus to claim the rewards

After you put the survey beacon on top of the mountain, talk to Esther again and she will send you off to find Cyrus in Mondstadt to claim your rewards.

additional items from esther

Esther can give you an item if you talk to her. Select the "Tell me about this mountain..." option, and she will give you some potions.


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