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How do you get them?
I bet you can use your Elemental Skill/Burst to change characters like how Tartaglia can change weapons with his Elemental Skill
Please help! how much hp does he have at level 60?
Kate 12
Go back to twitter.
Shenhe 11
PLEASE MIHOYO RELEASE HER!!!! but maybe with another weapon, a sword will be good for her, a cryo character with fast moves, will fit her
Sayu 33
I guess Tanuki (Japanese Raccoon Dog) Besides i think it's only costume tho
Inazuma is coming and scaramouche hasn't appeared:(
Kazuha is a 5 star anemo sword user with a sort of flight ability
Im starting to figure that Dainsleif will either just be a major side character to the game, or he will be a playable character. His information leads to either a side character or an unreleased new playable character. But if you really pay attention to Dainsleif's design, you will actually notice that Dainsleif has clothing similar to Paimon's and the Unknown God that we meet at the beginning. Maybe they all have the same vision--since I'm pretty sure that Paimon's and the Unknown God's information about their vision or if they even have one has been released yet. In all, I hope that we will get more information about the game, and Dainsleif really does seem like an interesting and powerful character when it comes to if he is playable and his playability, I hope that he will be playable sooner or later in future updates!
Yaoyao 9
if shes on a banner and a 4* then u prob gonna get the 5* on the banner too lol
from weekly bosses, you get the highest drop rates from Stormterror level 1. would recommend if you don't need talent up materials of Dvalin.
attack% if you want do dps too healing bonus% if you want better healing
Tohma 7
he's confirmed 4 star now
Still there. Either you use a smaller character or just try to fit your character inside
Klee 1
fix the ascenscion materials for klee it has to be everflame seed
Ayaka 2
4/18/2021 i think her birthday is the release date... with inazuma... but after MihoYo showed concept art of Inazuma, maybe we get her in 2 or 3 months.
this quest kind of different when I encountered it, especially the order. Seems a little outdated
Lansan 4
Who knows, there are no weapons and she's not spawning flames or some elemental thing to assume she uses a catalyst it would be cool if we get martial artists characters
xD I'll do that
How many kinds of elemental Primordial Showers do Primo Geovishaps have at their disposal? - 4 True or false: On the PC version, you can press Left Alt + 1/2/3/4 to switch to the corresponding character in your party and cast their Elemental Burst. - True
Philanemo mushroom, dandelion seeds and windwheel aster work for monstadt local, and liyue has cor lapis and violet grass, can confirm all these work for BP points.
Albedo 11
Poor guy got powercrept in a span of like 20 days
Cyno 3
It looks like it
Hu Tao 11
Now who is next? I guess Baizhu and yao yao
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Whats the alternative for festering desire?
you are probably mistaking the souvenir shops, there are 2, the other one is like 4 houses down the street
It's fixed now. Thx for pointing it out.
Shortened video from the famous youtuber, to help out your gaming better (25 TIPS)
Ganyu 18
Big bruh moment
Thank you for the information. I'm wondering if they are for aesthetic or have specific function. You answered my question. Thanks
Got left out before. It's updated now.
Of course it a game that has hundreds of players playing Tho it’s kinda sus But who cares it’s going to be a surprise in any way
just wanted to say I found around 10+ at the statue of seven near the dawn winery, not labeled on this guide, in game, or any other guide I saw online. probably more than 9 if you look around a bit more
really? still seems like they have a lot of keys left though.
Had to double check, and you are right. It's fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out!
Diona 1
maybe you're in multiplayer mode?
dude, this set has Ajax written all over it
Thanks btw to the site owner :)
the design looks more western and nun-like to me. So i guess its rosaria
Fixed, thank you for pointing it out.
Plugging in your numbers, it's something like: (1000(your attack) * (1 + 50%)(element damage bonus)*(500%(skill multiplier))*50%(same level between you and your enemy)*(1 - 10%(enemy resistance)) + 20.000*33%(Zhongli 4th ascension passive)) * 120%(crit damage modifier) Not entirely sure yet if the 4th ascension passive is before the crit, but the result is roughly around 7425.
I had been collecting this things for days, it turned out that they respawn every 2 days
I'm starting to think that it appears anywhere randomly



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How do you get them?
I bet you can use your Elemental Skill/Burst to change characters like how Tartaglia can change w...
Please help! how much hp does he have at level 60?
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