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Genshin Impact Book in the Woods. Side quests. World quests. Little Nine. Wuwang Hill.
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update 29/10/2020
Book in the Woods 1

How to get the quest

Book in the Woods 2

To get the quest, talk to Little Nine that is just north of Bishui Plains teleport waypoint in Wuwang Hill, near the stairs. You will be asked to find her book in the forest.

Find the book in the woods

Book in the Woods 3

The first one is not that far from her. Go further into the dark forest and near the stairs, you will find something on the ground that you can interact. If you can't find it, using elemental sight (middle mouse button on pc, or the eye icon on top left) can maybe help.

Book in the Woods 4

Go further in to the forest and you will find the other one in between Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula and the Bishui Plain teleport waypoint.

Completing the quest

Book in the Woods 5

Once you find both of them, go back to where you found Little Nine and interact with the object on the floor to complete the quest.

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