Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Break the Sword Cemetery Seal. Dadaupa Gorge. Sealed chest. Side quest. World quest.
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update 29/10/2020

Getting the quest

Cemetery Seal 1
Cemetery Seal 2

To start the quest, talk to the npc "Dr. Livingstone" near the seal in Dadaupa Gorge. You will then be asked to go to three different places and activate the pillars to remove the seal. Not a tricky quest, but can be challenging for newer players since there will be a lot of monster clearing. If you are having difficulty clearing the enemy, especially the arena-like area, check out the elemental reactions page to get a better understanding of the game so you can deal more damage.

Activating the 3 pillars

Cemetery Seal 3

The three enemy camps are near the seal: in the north, south east, and south west as shown in the picture above. Make sure that you have characters that can deal Pyro, Electro, and Cryo damage to activate the pillars later.

Cemetery Seal 4

The one south east requires Pyro element to activate.

Cemetery Seal 5

South west requires electro element.

Cemetery Seal 6

The one in the north is in the arena-like area where you will need be forced to fight a number of enemies in a small area.

Claim the reward

Cemetery Seal 7

Once you are done with all three, go back to Dr. Livingstone to finish the quest and pick up the treasure chest that was previously sealed.

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