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update 17/12/2020

Version 1.3 Characters

Rumored to be Xiao (Polearm, Anemo) and Hu Tao (Pyro, Polearm) for the 5 stars characters.

xiao splash art changes

Gameplay video of Xiao in 1.3 has been leaked. The video shows that Xiao still plays more or less the same as the early CBT videos held before the game's release. The leaked video is Xiao at constellation 6, and he is able to spam his elemental skill multiple times when it procs.

hu tao character splash art
UnitElement & WeaponMaterials
Anemo (Wind)PolearmQingxin Firm Arrowhead
Teachings of Prosperity Shadow of the Warrior
Hu Tao
Hu Tao
Pyro (Fire)PolearmSilk Flower Whopperflower Nectar
Teachings of Diligence Shard of a Foul Legacy

Weapon Leaks


WeaponSecondary StatPassive Effect
Dreams of Dragonfell
Dreams of Dragonfell
ATKIncreases Shield Strength by 20%. Scoring hits on opponents increases ATK by 4% for 8s. Max 5 stacks. Can only occur once every 0.3s. While protected by a shield, this ATK increase effect is increased by 100%.
Mirror Breaker
Mirror Breaker
Primordial Jade Vista
Primordial Jade Vista
CRIT DMGHP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 1.2% of the wielder's Max HP.
Serene Requiem
Serene Requiem
Energy RechargeUnknown
bakufu bow


WeaponSecondary StatPassive Effect
Primordial Jade Regalia
Primordial Jade Regalia
CRIT DMGHP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 1.2% of the wielder's Max HP.
Lost Ballade
Lost Ballade
Energy RechargeUnknown
Diamond Visage
Diamond Visage
bakufu catalyst
narukami catalyst


WeaponSecondary StatPassive Effect
One Side
One Side
Primordial Jade Cutter
Primordial Jade Cutter
CRIT RateHP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 1.2% of the wielder's Max HP.
Boreas Precocity
Boreas Precocity
narukami sword
bakufu sword
transcendent sword


WeaponSecondary StatPassive Effect
Primordial Jade Greatswotd
Primordial Jade Greatswotd
Physical DMGHP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 1.2% of the wielder's Max HP.
The Other Side
The Other Side
widsith claymore


WeaponSecondary StatPassive Effect
Staff of Homa
Staff of Homa
CRIT DMG20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 0.8% of the wielder's Max HP. When the wielder's HP is less than 50%, this ATK Bonus is increased by an additional 1% of Max HP.

Lantern Rite Festival

Version 1.3 is rumored to be about Lantern Rite Festival. It's based on the Lantern Festival, a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar. This event was held in one of the closed beta test back in March 2020.

lantern rite festival banner image
lantern rite event home screen

miHoYo held an event giveaway back in March 2020, and had a page dedicated to the event. We can still view the page to hear the music and participate in writing and reading the lantern wishes.

unexpected events

Based on the previous closed beta test Lantern Rite Festival, there are 3 different parts of the event. Unexpected events gives players new quests daily.

lantern rite festival
crafting xiao lanterns

Lantern of Wishes is about crafting and releasing Xiao lanterns for rewards.

laantern rite festival rewards

Mingxiao Convergence is where we can submit materials to craft xiao lanterns to an npc to get contribution points and claim rewards.

Lantern Rite Festival Event Shop

The event will have an event exchange shop. Thanks to honeyhunter, we can see that buying all the things in the shop will get us the following:

  • 6 of each rarity 3 elemental ascension stones.
  • 6 of each rarity 3 talent books.
  • 2 of each rarity 4 talent books.
  • 80 hero's wit
  • 30 Mystic Enhancement Ores
  • 600,000 Mora
  • 10 Dust of Azoth
  • 1 Crown of Insight

New namecards

new namecards

New namecards related to the lantern rite festivals, and Xiao and Hu Tao max friendship namecards.

Tower Defense

genshin impact tower defense

Posted by @Genshin_intel on twitter, a Co-op tower defense game mode coming in v1.3. There are different elemental towers, as well as ones with different effects.

tower defense leak
tower defense maps
event progression
tower defense event menu

Version 1.3 Beta Test Application (ended)

test server application

Announced on the official discord server Thursday morning (Asia time), they are looking for around 200 testers to test version 1.3. This is only eligible to people who are in Genshin Impact's official discord server. Fill out the linked form with your information, and you might be chosen for a tester.

Disclaimer: Chosen participants will have to sign an NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement). This is to ensure that information about the upcoming content are not leaked. miHoYo have taken strict legal actions against people who were caught leaking information, and it should not be taken lightly.


seems deeply sus
kinda sketchy ngl
<< Anonymous(X)
Healthyhazaz509 Reply
Of course it a game that has hundreds of players playing
Tho it’s kinda sus
But who cares it’s going to be a surprise in any way

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