when will xiao come again in event wish?

I'm a fress new player when come to know about genshin impact i lose that chance to win xiao. i want xiao as my leading character. please tell me when he will be in event wish.


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Xiao will be coming back in lantern rite, together with ganyu..not sure if both of them will be in the same banner though
some leaks say november lol but im not sure i want him at c1 too :( but hes definitely getting a rerun tho so thats cool
lol he's coming back, ignore the very first dude who literally went "No you can't get him ever again" xd
"never again he was exclusive to that event you cannot get him again EVER"

Sir, this is a Gacha game. Everyone come back after a period and turn free once we get more and better characters.
His banner will probably rerun in the next lantern event in Liyue
never again he was exclusive to that event you cannot get him again EVER

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there's a chest if you tp to the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain and use the treasure ...
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