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Rerolling Guide


Genshin Impact customer service has stated that while rerolling is not condemned, it is not encouraged. Some players have stated that they have gotten their account banned due to inactivity after getting good rolls. This could potentially be to prevent account sellers, but could also be the company’s way to prevent rerollers in general. So do this if you understand the risk and still want to do so! When more relevant or better ways to reroll for global server are discovered, this page will be updated.

October 23 update

You can no longer make a miHoYo account without using your e-mail.

How to Reroll?

miHoYo website

Since you can't really play the game with a “guest” account, this means that you will have to make an account in order to play. If you want to reroll because of bad pulls, you will simply have to abandon your account and use a different one. You can make an account by going to the game's official website, or global miHoYo's website.

When can you start summoning?

In order to be able to do your first roll/multi-roll(gacha), you need to reach Adventurer’s Rank 5. This is usually when you reach a certain cutscene in the story, and you will then be introduced to the “wish” system, and it’s what the game’s “gacha” is called. This usually takes around 15-20 minutes (if you do it fast), and once you reach this point, you will be given 10 acquaint fate, which is 10 summons.

If you don’t get what you want, then you can either start over with a different account, or continue longer up until you reach Adventurer’s Rank 7. This can take around 30 minutes or close to an hour to do. Once you reach AR 7, you will be given 1600 primogems that can either be used to summon on the limited banner, that has an increased chance to get the limited character, or use the primogems on the beginner wish again.

The last option is to play it out until you reach AR 10 if you want to be able to do 40 summons. This can take around close to 2 hours of play time to reach this point.

Which banner to summon?

Beginners' Wish (Limited to 2)

Beginner Banner

Standard Banner

Standard Banner

Limited Banner

Klee rate up banner 1
Weapons rate up

The acquaint fates that you get can only be used on either the beginner’s wish, or the standard wish. The beginner’s wish has the same pool for 5 star characters as the standard wish, but the main difference is that the beginner’s wish costs only 8 to do a multi, and also has less 5 star weapons available, but you can only do 2 multi on the beginner wish. This can mean a higher chance of getting a 5 star character so it’s recommended to go for this since characters are more impactful.

Should you reroll?

This really depends on whether you want to get serious with the game or not. Getting a high rarity character, or a character that’s top tier, can be somewhat impactful, but the game’s main focus is not all about the characters. It’s more about the world, explorations, and story with some dungeons here and there.

The free obtainable characters are also not so bad. Their elements are different from one another, so you can already do some combos to play around. You will be able to have a free trial to some of the 5 star characters in parts of the story or quests too.

Who to Reroll For?

If you want to get the best start then you'll want to try and get the top tier characters. In the Beginner's Wish, you won't be able to get the character on the limited banner, so it's recommended to try and get Keqing, Diluc, or Mona.

Do the character trials first, to see if you like using the character or not, and check the tier list to know if the limited unit is worth rerolling. If you like them, then use the Primogems to roll on the limited banner.

Tier List

To know more about the units and how good they are, check the tier list section.


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