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update 13/11/2020
Photo of Big Weil Hilichurl

Big Wei Hilichurl


After the version 1.1 update, there is a new enemy added into the game, the Unusual Hilichurl - Menace of the Mansion. From the version 1.1 developer live stream, we know that this hilichurl is essentially the company's CEO, Liu Wei, or nicknamed "Big Wei", in hilichurl form. He is meant to be a stress relief enemy for players to beat up.

There can only be 1 Wei hilichurl at a time. Once you defeat him, he will spawn again somewhere on one of the locations. After you defeat him a second time, he will respawn 12 hours later, for 2 more attempts. If you want to rush the achievement for defeating him multiple times, you can join another player's world.

Fighting the Unusual Hilichurl

Big Wei Primogem attack

The unusual hilichurl is not a tough enemy to fight. He only has about 3 attacks. 2 of them involve him throwing items from his suitcase, which can sometimes be primogem(s). There is nothing you can do about the Primogem, other than to watch it get shattered when it hits you or the ground.

Big Wei drop item

After defeating him, he will leave a very important item behind.

Big Wei Achievement

The first time you defeat him, you will get an achievement: "...Well, That Was Strange," giving you 5 whole Primogems. The next achievement requires defeating it 20 times, and the last one is 50 times. Getting all the achievements will give you a total of 35 Primogems.

Stormbearer Mountain

Wei on Stormbearer Mountain Shrine
Big Wei next to shrine

One of his spawn location is next to the shrine that's close to the Anemo Hypostasis, in Stormbearer Mountains.


Big Wei
Big Wei sleeping near tree in Windrise

Windrise is the area just outside of Mondstadt. He can be spotted near the tree close to the Statue of the Seven - Anemo.

Cape Oath

Big Wei Cape Oath marker
Big Wei edge of Cape Oath

Cape Oath is the area of the Electro Hypostasis. He has a chance to spawn near the edge of the cliff.

Stormterror's Lair

Big Wei Stormterrors Lair marker
Big Wei on Stormterrors Lair broken bridge

Spotted near the broken bridge that's in Stormterror's Lair. You can reach there somewhat easily by teleporting to the center of the area, then use the wind upcurrent to flu up and glide to the location.


Wei on Wolvendom
Wolvendom Wei spot

He can spawn near the edge of Andrius' colosseum, but not inside the area. This location is in Wolvendom, south west of Mondstadt.

Dadaupa Gorge

Big Wei on Dadaupa Gorge
Big Wei Dadaupa Gorge Location

Dadaupa Gorge is west of the Electro Hypostasis boss. He is close to the teleport waypoint shown on the picture above.

Cuijue Slope

Big Wei Cuijue Slope marker
Big Wei on Cuijue Slope near entrance

Can be spotted in the Nine Pillars of Peace side quest area, in Cuijue Slope, near the entrance to the ruins.

Lingju Pass

Big Wei Lingju Pass marker
Big Wei on Lingju Pass near tree

Far west of Liyue Harbor is Lingju Pass. He can be seen not far from the teleport waypoint close to the entrance of the ruins.

North of Liyue Harbor

Big Wei north of Liyue Harbor marker
Big Wei north of Liyue Harbor mountain location

In the mountain area north east of Liyue Harbor, he can be seen at the top of the cliff that's close to the teleport waypoint.

North of Qingce Village

Big Wei north of Qingce Village marker
Big Wei North of Qingce Village Spot

At the paddy field just north of Qingce Village.

Mingyun Village

Big Wei Mingyun Village Marker
Big Wei Mingyun Village Location

Big Wei Hilichurl sightseeing in the mountain area east of the Statue of The Seven - Geo that's in Mingyun village.

Stone Gate

Big Wei Stone Gate marker
Big Wei Stone Gate location

Go to the teleport waypoint at Stone Gate, then climb all the way up to the top until you reach the marker shown above.

Tianqiu Valley

Big Wei Tianqiu Valley marker on the map
Big Wei Tianqiu Valley near broken bridge

Tianqiu Valley is located west of Pyro Regisvine. He has a chance to spawn near the broken bridge that leads to the ruins there.

Qingyun Peak

Big Wei Qingyun Peak map marker
Big Wei west of Qingyun Peak teleport waypoint

From the teleport waypoint in the middle, jump and glide down to the area a little to the west.

Jueyun Karst

Big Wei Jueyun Karst marker
Big Wei above Jueyun Karst domain

East of Qingyun peak is Jueyun Karst. He can spawn at the top of Taishan Mansion domain door.

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When I tried to defeat it, it fall off the cliff and survive with half of its HP then disappear... It didn't even respawn to the previous area
I'm starting to think that it appears anywhere randomly
I checked all the spot and can't find him, is there anything special I need to do to be able to find him?
<< Anonymous(Weky)
Anonymous Reply
I had the same problem and tried to find out why on youtube, everyone seems to just have them spawn idk how or why
<< Anonymous(Weky)
Anonymous Reply
I have the same problem but I've found one
next to the wolf boss.
<< Anonymous(Weky)
Anonymous Reply
found him by the shrine left of anemo hypostatis and east of the edge to the wolf boss

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Calla Lily Cecilia Dandelion Seed Philanemo Mushroom Small Lamp Grass Valberry Windwheel Aster Wolfhook

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