Wolfhook Farming Locations

Wolfhook in Genshin Impact. How to get, how to farm, locations, ascension, crafting, cooking.
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update 04/11/2020

Where to Find Wolfhook?

Wolfhooks can be found under trees near Wolvendom. Sometimes they are hidden in bushes. Use sword unit to cut bushes out.

Photo of Wolfhooks under a tree
Photo of Wolfhooks hidden in a bush

Wolfhool Locations Near Wolvendom

You can get 20 or more Wolfhook here.

Map of Wolfhook locations near Wolvendom

Botanist Chloris

You can purchase Wolfhooks from Botanist Chloris. The refreshes every 3 days and the items don't change. You can't see her at night.

Photo of Botanist Chloris
Photo of items Chloris sells
Map of Chloris location

Wolfhook Usage



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