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update 05/02/2021

About Leaks

The information posted on this page are a collection of rumors, speculation, and possible leaks, collected from various social media platforms. GameA has no access to any closed beta versions of the game, and does not datamine any information from the game. All of these should be taken with a grain of salt, and are subject to change when updates are officially released. We will still be updating the page, but since MiHoYo is taking leaks seriously, we might be more conservative about sharing some information in the future.


rosaria splash art
rosaria ability 2
rosaria ability 1
rosaria gameplay image

Leaked Rosaria skills and gameplay screenshot from version 1.4 closed beta test server. She is a 4 star Cryo polearm character. Her elemental skill quickly moves her behind targeted enemy and deals Cryo damage, but she will not be able to get behind large enemies. Her elemental burst deals damage 2 times, before creating an ice field that deals damage over time.

Her passives and constellations have also been leaked through honeyhunter website. Her first ascension passive gives her 12% crit rate for 5 seconds after using her elemental skill. The 4th ascension passive gives 15% of Rosaria's crit rate to allies in the burst field, but it cannot exceed more than 15%. Her traveling passive gives the party 10% increased movement speed at night (from 18:00 to 6:00).

Music Related Event

event tutorial 1
rhytm event gameplay

Balloon Shooting Event

balloon shooting event tutorial
balloon event start
balloon event gameplay
balloon event rewards

Tutorial, gameplay, and extra missions screenshots of the balloon shooting event.

Gliding Event?

event tutorial 2
gliding event gameplay

Gameplay screenshot of a new flying event.

gliding event rewards

Extra missions with rewards for the flying mini event. The top part of the image shows the three available events, potentially happening at the same time, or just for testing purposes.

Minigames Event

minigames event tutorial
event tutorial

Arcade style, series of minigames type of event. Plenty of variations, but each attempt will only be 3 levels, and the last level will be a fight against a Pyro Regisvine.

event missions

An event challenge missions? Not sure if this if this is for the series of minigames event.

Oceanid Challenge Event

new oceanid challenge event

A new challenge type event. From the leaked image, we can see that the fight cost 40 resin and 1 water droplet item to be able to do the challenge. The reward shows a lot of character exp books, but it's at unconfirmed world level.

event challenges and rewards
event activity
water bottle
event item

Event Exchange Shop & New *4 Bow

event exchange shop
new bow skills

Exchange shop for one of the events. The right side of the image shows a new 4 star bow, that is going to be given for free. It has elemental mastery as the secondary stat, and the passive increases attack by 16% for 6 seconds after using elemental skill.

New *5 Bow

Serene Requiem

The new 5 star bow's information has been leaked. It's has low base attack, and has elemental mastery as the weapon's secondary. The passive builds up weapon stacks by using elemental skill and/or elemental burst. Once it reaches enough stacks, it will give an attack and elemental mastery boost to the team.

Other Changes

  • Condensed resin limit increased to 5.
  • Can decrease world level by 1 for 24 hours.
  • CN voice for Amber will be changed
  • New 5 star bow.


I wonder who will be the 5 stars in her banner, I hope it is mona
<< Anonymous
tbkjoihr Reply
🔥 OFF YOU PRICK !!!!!!!!
<< Anonymous
Hysa Reply
Once she's in the banner remember to change your nickname to Mora to bait her
<< Anonymous(Hysa)
Anonymous Reply
xD I'll do that
I thought that 1.3 or 1.2 version featured some kind of a rule that all next events wouldn't require using any resin, I hope this event's requirements will change according to that >.<
Hmm I can't decide between c6 rosarian or hu tao. I wonder what her banner looks like
<< Anonymous
anonymous Reply
Rosaria is 4 star so she will be far easier to get in C6
<< Anonymous(anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
I´d also add the way her atk scales; if we take her stats/passives/constellations as they are at this very moment she will be an amazing f2p character. Pair her with crescent pike + any electro character (like Lisa) and you will have a monster of a physical DPS

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