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update 03/02/2021

Primo Geovishap

primo geovishap teaser
primo geovishapp adventurer handbook

Primo Geovishap is a weekly boss in Liyue region. It's a Geo elemental boss that starts the fight with one of the 4 main elements, and can change to a different element when you fight it again after defeating it. Different elements mostly change the way the spikes deal damage. Having a character that can create an elemental shield that matches the same element as the boss will be beneficial for you because of its ultimate attack. Geo characters can also work since you can cause "Crystalize" reaction.

Primo Geovishap has higher Geo and Physical resistances compared to the usual enemies, and some additional resistance increase to its current element.

Boss Location

primo geovishap location

Primo Geovishap is located in between Nantianmen and Tianqiu Valley, and is to the west of the Pyro Regisvine.

main entrance

The main entrance to the area is from the west, but there is also an opening from the east. Both the teleport waypoints on the sides are about the same distance, and not really that close for a quick and easy to reach area.

portable waypoint to primo geovishap

If you plan on fighting the boss several times to get the needed item(s), you can place a portable waypoint inside the boss area to make things more convenient. You can only place one down when you are not in combat mode, so place it in a place where the boss won't see you.

Primo Geovishap Attacks

melee combos
primo geovishap spin telegraph

Its main normal attacks are Geo elemental attacks. This means that if you are affected by an element, getting hit by its attacks will cause a "Crystalize" reaction, dropping a crystal that gives you a shield when you pick it up.

If you are in melee range, it can do up to 3 consecutive punches, and the third attack will always be a small aoe slam. If you are attacking it from behind, it will do a spin that is telegraphed by the second picture shown above. The spin hits multiple times, so you can't fully i-frame it with a dodge.

swim underground

If you get too far, it can dig underground and swim towards your direction. This move can damage you if you touch it while it's swimming. Once it gets close to you, it will jump up and do a slam attack that can be easily dodged, or i-framed.

elemental rocks

When it's swimming, it will leave behind some spikes with an element that the boss currently has. These elemental spikes do different things based on its element. It can also shoot out the spikes if you are away from the boss. This can be an easy way to bait out an elemental attack from the Primo Geovishap, so you can get hit by the element, and drop a crystal when you get hit by the Geo attack.

Electro: Creates shockwaves in an area every few seconds.
Pyro: Explodes after a few seconds, and leaves a pyro field in the explosion for a few seconds.
Cryo: Explodes and creates Cryo spikes in a circle 3 times.

Will be updated with more info soon.

elemental breath

Elemental breath attack based on what the element of the current Primo Geovishap. This attack can hit multiple times, but it's mostly frontal area attack, so it can be easy to avoid.

Primordial Shower

primordial shower

Primordial Shower is the Primo Geovishap's strongest attack. It begins charging up, and a notice will pop up below the enemy's HP, warning the players that you can counter the damage by using a shield.

If you have a shield with enough HP to survive the blast, the damage from the Primordial Shower will get reflected back to it. Matching the shield's element to the element of the attack will increase the reflected damage. Geo element will always deal increased reflect damage.

Some noteworthy things:

  • Xingqiu's Rain Swords are not considered a "shield", and will not relfect damage back to the boss.
  • You can i-frame the damage by using an elemental burst, except for Fischl's elemental burst, because it has no i-frame.
  • Easy way to time it with an i-frame is to use your elemental burst after you see the boss sprays to the ground.
  • The AoE is small enough that you can run out of range when the notice shows up.
  • All shields can reflect the damage back, but the shield has to survive the damage for it to happen. Matching the shield's element as the attack only increases the reflect damage.
  • Deflecting the Primordial Shower with a shield will give you the achievement "Deflection!" in "Wonders of the World" section.
  • Deflecting the Primordial Shower with a matching elemental shield (or Geo elemental shield) will give you the achievement "You can Have Those Back!" in "Wonders of the World" section.

Characters that can make a shield:

  • Zhongli (Geo)
  • Noelle (Geo)
  • Diona (Cryo)
  • Xinyan (Pyro)
  • Beidou (Electro) 1 or 2 seconds only from elemental skill. C1 gives her a longer shield from using her elemental burst.

Any Geo characters can cause "Crystalized" reaction to create shields.

Primo Geovishap Rewards

primo geovishap rewards

Primo Geovishap can drop 5 different elemental crystals compared to the other weekly bosses, and 1 new material that is used to ascend newer characters, starting with Xiao.

juvenile jade

The Primo Geovishap exclusive material is the Juvenile Jade. As of its release, it's only used to ascend Xiao.


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