Treasure Lost, Treasure Found Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Found. Side quests. World Quest. Soraya. Jade Plate. Stone Tablet.
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update 28/10/2020

Getting the quest

LostFound 1
LostFound 2

You can start the quest by talking to the npc at the entrance to the ruins near Guili Plains.

Head to Guili Assembly to search for an ancient stone tablet (0/5)

LostFound 3

Head in to the ruins and interact with 5 stone tablets. They are all inside, and marked in the picture shown above. Once you are done, go back to Soraya.

Search for the stone tablet (0/2)

LostFound 4
LostFound 5

The first one is close to the teleport waypoint in Luhua Pool area. Head east (map viewpoint) from the teleport waypoint, and drop down to find some enemies near the stone tablet.

LostFound 6
LostFound 7

The second one is also quite close to the teleport waypoint. You can already view the temple once you're there. Simply glide down to reach it.

LostFound 8

You'll have to go from the side entrance by blowing up the explosive barrel there, opening the entrance. Once you're done, go back to Soraya again.

Talk to Soraya at the inn

LostFound 9

Soraya will move to the inn, and she is in front of the teleport waypoint. Talk to her and she will then send you off to find 4 strange jade plates. These are easy to find since, even though they are not marked in the map by the quest, they are shown in the map by the thing that looks like the corners of a temple.

Enter the ruin and search for a strange jade plate (0/4)

LostFound 10
LostFound 11

The first one is in front of Soraya, across the river. You can get there by jumping from the inn and glide there.

LostFound 12
LostFound 13

Second one is north of the teleport waypoint in Luhua Pool.

LostFound 14
LostFound 15

Third location is the place you visited before, where you had to destroy the explosive barrel. Except the strange jade plate is above the stone tablet.

LostFound 16

Last one is north of the previous spot, also close to the teleport waypoint. Once you are done, talk to Soraya again to find the last ruin.

Find the final ruin

LostFound 17

The last ruin location is in the middle of the 4 location that you just visited, which is the circle-like area on the map. Interact with the jade plate and receive your rewards. Talk to Soraya again to finish the quest.

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The last jade plate is already activated for me.... is it broken? I can’t interact/investigate it.
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