Keqing & Dance of Lanterns Event Wish

Keqing banner. Dance of Lanterns. Event Wish. version 1.3. Story quest.
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Xiao & Invitation to Mundane Life Event Wish
update 01/02/2021

Dance of Lanterns Event Wish

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2021/02/17 18:00:00 - 2021/03/02 15:59:59

Next banner to be released after Xiao's banner ends is Keqing, in the event wish "Dance of Lanternts". This banner will also only last for 2 weeks, similar to Xiao's event wish.

During this event wish, getting a five star when you summon on this banner will have a 50% chance of it being Keqing. Through the game's pity system, if your last five star that you got was not the banner character, the next 5 star is guaranteed to be the banner character. The rates of getting Ningguang, Barbara, and Bennett are also increased!

Epitome Invocation Event Wish

epitome invocation

2021/02/23 18:00 ~ 2021/03/16 14:59

Staff of Homa is a new 5 star polearm that is good for characters with high HP. It boosts attack based on max hp, and increased further when the current HP is less than 50%. Also comes with crit damage as the secondary, making it a strong polearm for damage dealers. The other 5 star weapon with increased rate is the Wolfs Gravestone, which is a really good weapon for most claymore users in general because the attack boost is to your entire party.

Lithic Spear and Lithic Blade are also newly released weapons. Their passives are the same, which is to increase attack and crit rate based on the number of Liyue characters in your party.


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