Delete Mihoyo account

Is there any chance to delete my Mihoyo account? The website won't let me use link my user name with my Gmail


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2days ago
Please delete my Mihoyo account
UID: 724414458
Name: yuu
14days ago
who could’ve thought that by mistakingly skipping the login process on console will cause this nightmare?
14days ago
Good evening,

I wanted to request you to delete and/or unlink an account (UID: 731016375) on PlayStation. My reason is because I want to link my main mihoyo PC/Mobile account (UID: 711464392) to be able to play on PlayStation. Please let me know if it’s possible.

Thank you~
18days ago
I don't use this account anymore
18days ago
[This image is being checked...]
Pls delete my account
Name Shinoa
23days ago
I would like to delete my account on genshin
24days ago
Please delete my Mihoyo account
User ID: 13302935
UID: 719687032
Name: aether
31days ago
31days ago
Tôi muốn xóa acc của tôu
Hi i really need to delete this acc its stick to my ps5 and I can’t swing my acc to the Device.plz I’ll be thankful so much
Just don't show up in my console.
User ID:155149856

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