Delete Mihoyo account

Is there any chance to delete my Mihoyo account? The website won't let me use link my user name with my Gmail


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5days ago
Delete 625011057
23days ago
I made this by accident

Pls delete ID 100682938 So that I can link my real account over....
I can't link my email. Please delete my account so I can bind
I can't link my e-mail. Please delete my account so I can bind.
Please delete my account my user UID is 619683887 please delete it immediately I created on accident.
tolong hapus akun saya, saya tidak sengaja membuat akun baru
Delet the User ID 116236172, I accidentally created a new account with twitter
bul@@@ forum

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Ah yes yet ANOTHER anemo 5 star. why would anyone want him to be a 5 star, stronger but a lot har...
Yes.. but recruited to the fatui so.. Inazuma origin but as Snezhnaya militer
Ayaka 2
4/18/2021 i think her birthday is the release date... with inazuma... but after MihoYo showed ...
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