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update 28/01/2021

Event Overview

event overview

During this event, use the Kurious Kamera gadget to take pictures of things that the npc Ji Tong requests. You will get a random colored photo after taking the pictures, which can then be exchanged for a reward once you have a set of colored photos.

Event Duration

After maintenance ~ 2021/02/10 03:59:59

Taking Pictures

taking pictures
random colored photo

During the event, Ji Tong will have a specific photo subject for each day. For example: "Red Item". Equip the Kurious Kamera gadget from your inventory, use it to aim at the requested colored item that you can interact with, and it will automatically take a picture of it. No need for any additional input.

Travelers will have 10 chance per day to take photos related to the requested photo subject. Taking correct pictures will give you a random colored photo as a reward.

submitting the photos for rewards

You can then exchange for a reward from Ji Tong after you have collected 1 of each color. There are a total of 8 claimable treasure rewards for this event.

Photo Gifting / Photo Swap

photo gifting

In the events overview menu (F5 on PC), you can select "Photo Swap" to gift some photos to people on your friends list. If you have too many of a certain color, you can easily gift them to a different player, or you can request a color from someone else.


jueyun chilies in qingce village

Qingce Village has a lot of Jueyun Chilies that you can take pictures of. Each Jueyun chili plant has 3 of them, so you can take 3 pictures off of each plant.

Blue Creatures

blue behind dvalins area
cryo slimes

Teleport to the teleport waypoint behind Andrius' area, and you can see 4 Cryo slimes nearby. This will give you 4 quick and easy pictures. You can fill the rest by going to Dragonspine area. Most of the enemies there have some blue to them.

Red Creatures

near pyro regisvine

You can get 3 pretty easily by teleporting to the area near the Pyro Regisvine entrance. There are 2 Pyro Whopperflowers in front of the entrance, then get the third one by taking a picture of the Pyro Regisvine.

mt tianheng

In Mt. Tianheng, there are 3 red archer hilichurls that you can take a picture of. It's near the cave with the Noctilucous Jades and it's not far from the teleport waypoint.

cecilia garden

Teleport to Cecilia Garden domain that's to the west of Mondstadt, and you can take a quick and easy picture of 2 red hilichurls in front of the domain.

guyun stone forest red creatures

You can find the remaining 2 red creatures by going to Guyun Stone Forest. One is on the upper left teleport waypoint, and head east. The other is from the domain area, go outside into the hilichurl camp and take a pic of the Pyro Abyss Mage. Alternatively, you might find the remaining 2 simply by doing the daily commissions or just random exploration.

Brown Creatures

cecilia garden

There are 3 brown hilichurls in front of the domain area to the left and right. Behind the domain door is 1 brown boar that you can take a picture as well for a total of 4 in this area. If you get a random world quest to save a reckless pallad, there might be some more brown monsters that you can take a pic of.

guyun stone forest

You can find 3 Geo slimes in front of the domain door in Guyun Stone Forest. Leave the cave from the front, and the Geo slimes are on the left side.

For the remaining 3 pictures of the day, you can find any brown hilichurls as you do dailies or traveling around.


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