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How to start the quest

starting quest location
treasure chest with a book to start the quest

To start the quest, you simply have to get 1 of the three available books required for the quest.

This first one is from the Statue of the Seven, head into the middle area of the circle, all the way down and enter the cave down south to find a sealed device with a closed door. There is a treasure chest somewhat hidden right beside it. Open it to find a book that will start a dialogue for the quest.

stevens back at camp

Talk to Stevens back at camp, where you will then be asked to visit 2 more places.

Starglow Cavern

starglow cavern

The second place that you need to visit is in Starglow Cavern. Start by going to the teleport waypoint near the cave and head into the cave. Once inside, near the stairs that leads to the path down south, there is a scarlet quartz. Use it to melt the ice wall that leads to the quest area. Then pick up all the items in the quest area.

Warming Seelie Puzzle

last journal location
2 ice puzzles

The remaining journal is just south of the previous location, into a square area with some ice puzzle. In the upper area, you will need to guide the warming seelies on 2 sides of the area to light up the ruin braziers. Start with one of the warming seelie, then run over to the other warming seelie after the first one reached the second ruin brazier.

For the one at the bottom level, you will also need to light up all the ruin braziers at the same time. The warming seelies rotate on a clockwise direction, and you simply need to start with the first one on the front, then guide the second one after the first seelie has passed 1 ruin brazier, then go to the last one after the second seelie passed its first ruin brazier.

Once it's done, pick up all the treasures and items, as well as melting the ice, using a scarlet quartz, to reveal a stone tablet for the free 4* claymore hidden quest.

Finish the quest by talking to Stevens again back at the camp, and you will get the "Snow-Stored History" achievement.


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