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Genshin Impact version 1.2 leaks. Albedo. Ganyu. Dragonspine. Events. Updates. Corrupting Sword. Festering Fang.
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update 21/11/2020

About Leaks

The information posted on this page are a collection of rumors, speculation, and possible leaks, collected from various social media platforms. GameA has no access to any closed beta versions of the game, and does not datamine any information from the game. All of these should be taken with a grain of salt, and are subject to change when updates are officially released. We will still be updating the page, but since MiHoYo is taking leaks seriously, we might be more conservative about sharing some information in the future.

Dragonspine Area

Dragonspine map
Dragonspine Leaks
Dragonspine Leaks
Dragonspine Leaks
Dragonspine Leaks
Dragonspine Leaks

New area unlockable in version 1.2 is the Dragonspine, located in between Mingyun Village and Dadaupa Gorge. A snowy mountain area with a new "gimmick," where we have to stay out of the cold in order to not get frostbite. Leaked images shows new enemies and interactables.

Subzero Climate

subzero climate feature
Dragonspine Leaks

New status-effect / debuff in Dragonspine. Staying in the area will slowly accumulate the effect. Once it's full, you will start to lose HP. Bonfire and other sources of heat will reduce the status bar. Actions like swimming will increase the build up.

Albedo and Ganyu

albedo leaked skills

The leaks shows that Albedo is a 5 star Geo character, and uses a sword.

ganyu normal attack description
ganyu bow mode

Ganyu is a 5 star character with Cryo element that uses a bow.

New Event in 1.2

1.2 leaked event

New event coming in 1.2 has 4 acts.

Festering fang bonus effect
festering fang bonus effect 2

During the event, it will be easier to level the event weapon. Any character equipping the sword will be getting additional effects. If Albedo equips the event sword, the party will get all the buff effects:

  • +35% more damage, +20% crit rate, +40% crit damage against enemies in the Dragonspine Region.
  • Decrease the speed of getting the frostbite debuff.
  • +50% damage via Scarlet Quartzes.
corrupting sword bonus

The text effect seems to be different with the chinese version. This leak shows that the extra damage is +60%, crit rate +35%, and crit damage is +70%.

Festering Fang

corrupting sword model and information

The event reward is a rarity 4 weapon, Festering Fang / Corrupting Sword. The secondary stat is energy recharge. The passive is increase elemental damage by 16%, and increase elemental skill crit rate by 4%.

Event Rewards

act 1 rewards
act 4 rewards
event rewards
exchange shop rewards
dragonspine exchange shop rewards 2

Event exchange shop. The first item is the material to ascend the event sword.

field trial and rewards

Hydro and Cryo artifacts

Hydro and Cryo damage artifacts

Hydro (left):
2 piece set: Increase Hydro damage by 15%.
4 piece set: After using an elemental skill, increase normal attack and charge attack damage by 25%.

Cryo (right):
2 piece set: Increase Cryo damage by 15%.
4 piece set: Increase crit rate against enemies affected by Cryo. The effect is increased by 20% if the enemy is frozen.

Dragonspine Weapons

dragonspine spear

There is also Dragonspine Claymore, and Dragonspine catalyst with the same passive effect. Claymore has phys dmg% secondary, while the catalyst has atk%.


when stars align

Faster way to get to Abyss by pressing F5 on pc?

character ascension reward

Rewards for ascending your characters.


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Ganyu 6
with those skills..........she should be a 4 starts right?
Childe's a pretty chill guy compared to the other fatui.
Albedo 10
yes, sword user 100% confirmed
I had been collecting this things for days, it turned out that they respawn every 2 days
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