Top Mining Spots in Dragonspine

Genshin Impact top mining spots in dragonspine.How to farm starsilver. ore deposits. dragonspine spear. snow-tombed starsilver. fine enhancement ore.
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Starsilver is an ore that you can mine, similar to iron chunks or crystal chunks, except you can only get them from Dragonspine only. This page mostly only covers the ones with plenty of ores, for more easy and convenient farm. If you want to get all the possible Starglitters in Dragonspine, you can use any genshin impact interactive map like this.

starsilver uses

They can be used to craft some fine enhancement ores, or used for any of the new weapons that came with the Dragonspine update like Snow-Tombed Starsilver, Dragonspine Spear, Frostbearer, or Warming Bottle.

Slowing Sheer Cold Rate

goulash dish information

Goulash is a dish that you can obtain from the quest in the Dragonspine area. Using this dish can help you reduce the rate of sheer cold build up so you don't have to stress for heat sources as often. This can also be stacked together with food buffs that reduces sprinting stamina as well.

travel party

Lastly, you'll probably want to assemble your "travel party" to help as you run around the map to make things more efficient.

  • Ningguang has a passive that can mark some ores on your minimap, which helps know the location, as well as letting you know if you've already taken them previously or not.
  • Razor has a passive that reduces sprint stamina cost, and uses a claymore so he can destroy the ores pretty fast. His hold version of elemental skill is also useful for destroying multiple ores.
  • Kaeya also has sprint stamina reduction, and he can use a sword so you can equip the Festering Desire on him.
  • Bennett is a Pyro character with a low cooldown on his skill. This is to help light some things on fire along the way, to reduce sheer cold status.
  • Double Anemo can be useful to bring for the elemental resonance which reduces stamina cost.
  • Barbara and/or Diona can be useful since their elemental skill have stamina cost reduction abilities.

Farming Route

starsilver farming route

Wyrmrest Valley

wyrmrest valley area
wyrmrest first point

First destination spot has 5 ores that you can farm. Head north from the Wyrmrest Valley teleport waypoint, then go to the one on the left next.

wyrmrest second point

3 farmable ores not far from the previous location. Head back to the Wyrmrest Valley teleport waypoint, and go to the marked mini spot on the right for 3 more optional ores.

Snow-Covered Path

snow covered path
3 in snow covered path

Straight north from the Frostbearing Tree teleport waypoint has 3 ores marked on the map.

Eastern area

easter area route
east area 1

From the Statue of the Seven, glide to the right side of Dragonspine, and you can get about 5 ores near a hilichurl camp.

east area 2

Glide all the way down to the beach area on the marked location for 5 more ores.

Southeast area

southeast area
near lake warming seelie puzzle

From the teleport waypoint on a small island in the ocean, follow the water that leads into a cave like area in Dragonspine, the one with a warming seelie puzzle, and go to the marked location to find 5 ores.

going to the island
island with 6 ores

From the teleport waypoint, glide all the way down south into the small island on the right. There are about 6 ores that you can get here. There are some ores scattered throughout the mountain before the island, but you will have to circle around the mountain just to get about 5. It will be easier if you have a Ningguang on your team.

only 3 on the left

The one on the left only has 3. Worth picking up since it's easy to get if you're really in need of them.

Southwest area

southwest area
southwest first point

From the right teleport waypoint, head to the first pointed area near a body of water to find 4 ores.

southwest second point

Heading further to the north from the last spot will get you 5 more ores in the area.

near 2 fatuis

From the left teleport waypoint, go south to find 4 ores near 2 fatuis that are forever locked in a "bro" mode.

Western area

western routes
inside a cave

From the left teleport waypoint, go into the cave that leads into the center area. There are about 5 ores inside.

western area point 2

Going from the right teleport waypoint to the west, you can get 4 ores there.


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