Hypostatic Symphony

Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony. Version 1.2. Cube boss. Pure hypostases. event. domains. exclusive name card.
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update 14/01/2021

Event Overview

Hypostatic Symphony

Challenge the all new "Pure Hypostases" bosses in the event domains to accumulate points. You can fine tune the challenges by selecting a difficulty, as well as certain variations for the fight, and you will be scored based on the chosen variation and difficulty level. Earn enough points and you can get an event exclusive namecard style "Celebration: Hypostasis" and other rewards, including Primogems!

Event Duration (Server Time)

2021/01/16 10:00:00 – 2021/01/31 03:59:59

Event Details

bosses unlocks

Challenges will be unlocked once a day, for seven days, but the event will last for 10 days. Certain characters will have event bonuses that will increase their damage.

difficulty and variations

There are multiple difficulty levels and variations, which is what will determine your score. Variations that make the fight more difficult gives more points, but there are also variations that give buffs to your characters at the cost of some points.

Difficulty level score multipliers:
Easy = x1
Normal = x1.5
Hard = x2.5
Expert = x4.5

General Suggestion

  • At least clear it at the lowest difficulty to get first time clear Primogems.
  • Use food buffs and elemental potions to increase your damage.
  • Notable reward is at 14,000 points, so you only need a score of 2,000 per challenge to get it.
  • Max reward is at 20,000 so you only need 3,000 per challenge to get them all. No need to score above that unless you are struggling in the other challenges.
  • If you are unable to complete it with a proper score, you can always do the challenges in Co-Op. Enter someone else's world, or get someone to enter yours, before you start the challenge to do it in Co-Op.
  • Upon entering the event challenge, your characters' energy will start to get filled. Make sure to let all of your party members get fully charged before starting the fight.
  • Keep track of the Variations that you selected. There are ones that make you take increased damage after dashing, or deal less damage if your HP is low. You will have to play around them if you selected them.
  • Use NRE gadget for an easier time healing.
  • Avoid the crit related variants if you rely on them to deal more damage. Decreasing crit rate can make a huge difference if you have been building your character for crits.

Electro Hypostasis - Violet Lightning Concerto (Siras)

electro hypostasis banner

Boosted characters (20% DMG increase):

It's recommended to bring an elemental character for this fight, because you will need to destroy the electro prisms during its recovery phase. Pyro works best here because Overload reaction will help deal some good additional damage. Cryo also works because of Superconduct reaction. Avoid using Electro characters because it's immune to Electro damage.

electro hypostasis new projectile

The new projectile attack can be somewhat difficult to dodge. You can try to dash into the projectile and i-frame the orb when it's close, but the easier way to avoid getting hit is to hide behind the Amethyst Prisms around the area. This will end up activating them, but you can de-activate them by causing an elemental reaction.

The tracking ability of the projectile works similarly to the rockets from the Ruin Guards. After a certain distance, you can move to the side and it will stop following you.

best time to attack the electro hypostasis.

The biggest window of opportunity to attack the boss is when it's doing this move. The core will be exposed, and it shoots out lasers in all directions. You can go into the center to deal damage for a good amount of time. Just be careful not to get close when it's about to do the attack because it also deals damage. After a decent amount of time, the electro circle below the core will disappear, the boss will then do an attack that deals damage around the core, so make sure to leave the core once the circle has disappeared.

electro hypostasis recovery phase

In the recovery phase, you will need to destroy the Electro prisms in the area, similar to the regular Electro hypostasis. These prisms only take damage from elemental attacks. It's immune to physical attacks, Electro damage, and Hydro damage. You can even use low level characters to deal damage since they take a certain amount of damage from elements, regardless of your characters' attack stat.

Anemo Hypostasis - Storm Butterfly Intermezzo (Etar)

anemo hypostasis banner

Boosted characters (20% DMG increase):

You don't have to worry as much when it comes to what elements to bring since the boss takes damage from most elemental attacks, except for Anemo. Albedo can be useful for one of the boss' mechanics, and archers can make things easier to infuse the tornadoes if you need to.

anemo hypostasis tornado attack

Similar to the regular Anemo hypostasis, this one can also create tornadoes. During this attack, you can infuse the tornadoes with an element, by using an elemental attack on them. Doing this will create an elemental orb in the air once the attack ends. If you happen to be using an archer character, you can use charged shots to infuse an element to the boss.

Once the orbs are in the air, the boss has a chance to use its "Vacuum Burst" attack. It will go to the ground and start to channel, sucking up the energy orbs in the air, one at a time, and dealing damage in a wide area if it absorbs wind energy.

If it absorbs any elemental energy other than Anemo, the boss will get stunned momentarily, exposing its core for you to attack.

This event Anemo hypostasis has an exclusive new attack where it deals damage to the entire arena. To stop this attack, you need to do a plunging attack near the core of the boss, as shown above.

creating upcurrents

To do a plunging attack, you need to destroy the Anemo prisms in the area. Destroying them will create an upcurrent for a short time, allowing you to fly up to reach the boss. You can also use Albedo, or Venti, to lift you up into the air so you can do a plunging attack near the boss.

Geo Hypostasis - Stone Heart Sonata (Besanar)

geo hypostasis banner

Boosted characters (20% DMG increase):

Highly recommended to bring claymore characters to break the Geo pillars. Klee is an exception because her attacks are considered heavy attacks, and can still deal decent damage to the pillars. Razor is a pretty good option in the fight because of the bonus for this specific area. Noelle can be a good f2p alternative, but she won't be able to damage the core if you use her elemental burst.

Having Zhongli will be quite advantageous in the fight. The hold version of his elemental skill deals about 30% of a pillar's health, and his burst also contributes to even more damage towards the pillar. During the recovery phase, Zhongli's hold skill can instantly destroy 2 of the pillars. This can really end up saving you a lot of time if you want to clear it fast.

geo projectiles

Starting the fight, Besanar will start to create Geo pillars around the area, and give them energy shortly afterwards. This causes the pillars to become a turret that will constantly shoot out projectiles towards you.

While this may seem difficult to dodge, the easy way to do it is to move to the side once you see it's charging before they start to take shots. Another way to do it is by using Geo crystals dropped when you destroy any of the pillars. Shields don't stack, so picking up multiple Geo crystal shields won't increase the shield's HP, so make sure that you pick them up conservatively, one at a time after each shield is destroyed. Geo main character's elemental burst is also another option. The walls created by the burst are indestructible, and will block the projectiles.

stopping gilded tide

After all the pillars are destroyed, Besanar will not be creating any more Geo pillars. Instead, it will use its "Gilded Tide" move, which deals damage to the entire arena every few seconds in waves. You will have to destroy the Stone Beams that shows up when it does this move. Use the Geo crystals that are spawned near the circles of previously destroyed pillars to defend against the waves. Don't pick up multiple crystals at once since they don't stack. You will have to use it one at a time.

Waltz of Earth, Wind, and Thunder

triple hypostasis

Boosted characters (20% DMG increase):

The final challenge of the event is one where you will be fighting all 3 of the Hypostasis bosses, one at a time. It always starts with the Anemo hypostasis, then Electro, and finally Geo. It's recommended to bring a character that can handle their elements. Cryo and Pyro works best since you will need to destroy the Electro prisms during the recovery phase, and you will need someone to help break the Geo pillars for the last fight.

all variation on challenge 7

Taking all the variations will give you 5355 points. Doing this, the boss will have 50% RES to Pyro, Cryo, and Physical, and you will have to defeat all 3 within 5 minutes.

Event Rewards

hypostatic symphony primogem rewards
hypostatic symphony points rewards

First clear of each challenges will award you with 60 Primogems. There are 7 challenges, so 480 Primogems total. The rest of the rewards are claimable rewards, not an exchange shop, and you can claim them once you have enough points from the challenges.

You can repeat the challenge as many times as you want to try and get a better score, because the game only saves your highest recorded score of that challenge. Retrying the challenge again and getting a lower score will not saved.


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