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Genshin Breaking News
Xiao & Invitation to Mundane Life Event Wish
update 22/11/2020
Xiao EventCharacter Details
New Character: Xiao & Event Wish
New Character: Xiao & Event Wish
Alternative NamesCH:散兵
Vision (Element)Electro (Lightning) Electro
CVJP: 柿原徹也
Time LimitedUnknown


Scaramouche is known as 6th of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. According to the leaks, his vision is Electro and weapon is catalyst.

He first appeared in Fishcl Event (Unreconciled Stars).

Scaramouche 3D Models Shared by Lumie

Here are 3D models shared by Lumie. Check the original tweet here.

Scaramouche 3D Model Shared by Lumie 1
Scaramouche 3D Model Shared by Lumie 2
Scaramouche 3D Model Shared by Lumie 3
Scaramouche 3D Model Shared by Lumie 4

Viktor in Mondstadt Mentions Scaramouche

@Zeniiet HE


The Harbingers? They're way above my level. I'm lucky if I hear the odd rumor.

For what it's worth, I can pass on what others have told me. But I advise you to take it with a pinch of salt.

I hear Harbinger No.6, also known as Scaramouche, is difficult toget along with. A lot of people are not fans of his.

Why? Some say he just has a disagreeable personality. Other say it's because he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut...

I know someone who works closely with the guy. He says Scaramouche is even disliked by several of his fellow Harbingers.

But I mean, like him or not, he's still a Harbinger. He'd doing an awful lot better than a rank-and-file Fatuss like me...


Scaramouche 散兵
Scaramouche 散兵

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Honestly I would love an Anemo Heavy sword user, too bad I guess
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sayu is claymore anemo . . .
I’ve heard that Scaramouche was using a delusion this whole time as a fatui harbinger. In other words, electro was his delusion, is that true? It would make sense, because his “heart” is based off of his elemental power source (visions, delusions, etc) Since he is going to be an anemo user, that must mean his delusion made him evil and he is now good right? Since he IS a puppet made to hold a gnosis, i think the “heart” thing works out, im just not sure if the electro power is delusion or vision.
I saw a leak in twitter from one of Hoyo's employees that Scaramouche is going to be an anemo catalyst but he uses a delusion. Might not be true though.
I also heard Scaramouche will have a banner along with Ayaka, Albedo and the Raiden Shogun in 3.3

(This is only speculation so take the information above with a grain of salt)
Is his vision and weapon 100% confirmed or is this more of a guesstimate.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
vision is confirmed from the fischl event in the beginning of the game, weapon isn't confirmed yet.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is confirmed that his weapon is a catalyst from the latest leak
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
New leaks says that his vision will be anemo but we can never trust leaks
Scarmaouche shouldnt be a catalyst, he should have a sword or a bow. Lisa is an electrical catalyst so Scarmaouche would be just like her. No one has an electrical sword so I think that he should have that. I'm disappointed to see otherwise.
<< Anonymous(Xiuying)
Pedrelino Reply
The number of each harbinger doesn't aply to his strength
<< Anonymous(Hunter)
Anonymous Reply
keqing is more disappointed in you
<< Anonymous(Hunter)
Ur mom Reply
Keqing is electro sword user
<< Anonymous(Hunter)
Anonymous Reply
Emm.. keqing still exists
But imagine electro polearm user.....
<< Anonymous
:) Reply
With his huge hat, it'd make sense for him to be a catalyst.
claymores, polearms, swords, and bows all have animations that use a very wide span of movement from the character since they have to hold it. a claymore or polearm realistically would get caught in the screen of his hat way too easily and with how the animations of other teen male users are having such a wide span of movement animation (Albedo, Bennett, Xingqiu, Kazuha and how they all swing behind them and over their head at some point) it just wouldn't make sense unless he quite literally cuts up the screen of his hat or knocks it off his head.
for a bow, the weapon itself is bigger than you think it is, and to hold it up properly to do a charged shot, the bow would most definitely clip into Scara's hat.
The weapon that moves the least is a catalyst. Note that the character can move as much as they'd like but they can control the catalyst to stay in relatively the same spot and Ningguang doesn't even show her weapon at all unless she uses her skill, burst or plunges but after will tp to behind her and disappear after a while). This gives Scara free space to do whatever he likes without his weapon colliding into anything and Mihoyo is very careful with animating everything so nothing clips together without glitching of some sort.
Those are my two cents on the possible weapon explainations
Scara banner when?
<< Anonymous(Vlah)
Anonymous Reply
In an interview it was said it appeared his banner would be running during endgame inazuma ;-; we’re gonna be waiting a while
The page says he's a catalyst with an electro vision, but everthing that was leaked by him was his models we don't know nothing about his vision nor his weapon
Why does Scaramouche has to be the catalyst user?! I love him as a sword user more! Please
<< Anonymous(Scaramouche)
BomBom Bakudan Reply
Because most of inazuma's characters recently are sword users, ayaka, kazuha, now baal as well, they're taking this samurai concept a bit too literally
Electro? I'm pulling for the Archon version instead, so far having playable god is nice, it's changed everything
<< Anonymous
BomBom Bakudan Reply
Latest news abt baal is tht she'll be once again a support archon tho :3

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