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East of Stone Gate

Liyue Shrines
Liyue Shrines

To the far east of Stone Gate, or south of Dawn Winery, there is a shrine near the end of the area.

Wuwang Hill

Liyue Shrines
Liyue Shrines

In Wuwang Hill, there is a shrine just below the highest mountain. You don't have to climb to the top to reach the area.

Mingyun Village

Liyue Shrines
Liyue Shrines

The shrine is in the beach area in northeast of Mingyun Village.

Mt. Aozang

Liyue Shrines

There are 3 shrines in Mt. Aozang area, all are marked in the picture shown above.

Liyue Shrines
Liyue Shrines

The first one is close to the Dandy npc, near the edge of the cliff.

Liyue Shrines
Liyue Shrines

The second one is somewhat hidden in between mountains.

Liyue Shrines
Liyue Shrines

The third is at the top of the taller mountain that you have to climb when you teleport using the waypoint.


Liyue Shrines
Liyue Shrines

Nantianmen is just south of the last shrine, in Mt. Aozang, but it's still quite a distance. Teleport to the waypoint on the right so you can easily reach the shrine by gliding.

Dunyu Ruins

Liyue Shrines
Liyue Shrines

Northwest of Dunyu Ruins, somewhat away from the ruins area.

West of Liyue Harbor

Liyue Shrines
Liyue Shrines

The shrine is inside a big cave, and you reach there by going to the water area further south, as shown in the picture.

Guyun Stone Forest

Liyue Shrines
Liyue Shrines

All the way down south in Guyun Stone Forest, there is a small separate island that has a shrine, and this is the last Liyue shrine.

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