How to Farm Talent Level Up Materials

Talent level up materials in Genshin Imapct. Talent level up materials locations, where to find, farming tips, domains.
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Talent level up material guide

What are Talent Level-Up Materials?

Talent Levels

Once you reach Ascension Phase 2, you are able to level up your characters' talents (skills). Levelling them up will increase their overall effectiveness since it ups their multipliers. To level them up, you need some talent level up materials, that looks like books, which can only be obtained by going to the talent book domains.

Other material

Additionally, you will need some monster material drops as well. Different characters will be using different materials, and these are obtain somewhat easily by defeating monsters in the world. At higher levels, you will need higher rarity versions of the drops, increasing your adventure rank increases your world level, thus getting better loot.


You can also use the crafting table, that's available in cities like Mondstadt/Liyue, to use the lower tier items into higher rarity ones. It always requires 3 to make the upgraded version of it.

How to Farm Talent Level-Up Material

Talent Books

There are only 2 talent level up material domains right now: Forsaken Rift, and Taishan Mansion. Their drop rewards changes each day, so make sure that you do these on the days that drops the book that you need.

Use Condensed Resin for fast farm.

Domains to Farm Talent Level-Up Materials

Forsaken Rift

Forsaken Rift
Monday, ThursdayTeachings of Freedom Guide to Freedom Philosophies of Freedom
Tuesday, FridayTeachings of Resistance Guide to Resistance Philosophies of Resistance
Wednesday, SaturdayTeachings of Ballad Guide to Ballad Philosophies of Ballad
SundayAll of the Above

Taishan Mansion

Taishan Mansion
Monday, ThursdayTeachings of Prosperity Guide to Prosperity Philosophies of Prosperity
Tuesday, FridayTeachings of Diligence Guide to Diligence Philosophies of Diligence
Wednesday, SaturdayTeachings of Gold Guide to Gold Philosophies of Gold
SundayAll of the Above

Talent Leveling Usage

Different characters uses different named books. As the talent level increases, you'll need more of them, and also higher rarity versions of those talent books. Try to plan out and prioritize your units to manage your resin, since levelling talents can get quite costly.

Teachings of Freedom
Amber Barbara Sucrose Klee Diona Tartaglia (Childe)
Teachings of Resistance
Bennett Diluc Jean Mona Noelle Razor
Teachings of Ballad
Fischl Kaeya Lisa Venti
Teachings of Prosperity
Keqing Ningguang Qiqi Xiao
Teachings of Diligence
Chongyun Xiangling
Teachings of Gold
Beidou Xingqiu Zhongli Xinyan

Weekly Boss Drops & Usage


Dvalins Tail Feather
Dvalins Tail Feather
Bennett Diluc Jean
Dvalins Claw
Dvalins Claw
Razor Noelle Xiangling Lisa
Dvalins Sigh
Dvalins Sigh
Amber Beidou Chongyun


How to Beat/Farm Andrius (Wolf of the North Challenge Guide)
Tail of Boreas
Tail of Boreas
Qiqi Venti Xingqiu
Ring of Boreas
Ring of Boreas
Keqing Klee Mona Barbara
Spirit Locket of Boreas
Spirit Locket of Boreas
Fischl Kaeya Sucrose Ningguang


Tusk of Monoceros Caeli
Tusk of Monoceros Caeli
Shard of a Foul Legacy
Shard of a Foul Legacy
Diona Tartaglia (Childe)
Shadow of the Warrior
Shadow of the Warrior

Enemy Drops & Usage

You can tap the materials in-game to find which enemy drops certain items. Unique enemies like Geovishap Hatchling, and Fatui Skirmishers can be located easily by going to the adventure handbook, then in the "bosses" tab, find the enemy and tap the "Navigate" button.

Side note: Geovishap Hatchling is available in Liyue region, so you'll have to switch it to view in Liyue region in the "bosses" tab.

Quick list of characters that uses certain items, so you'll know what to save up for certain characters.

See the link below for how to defeat enemies guide.

Slime Condensate
Slime Drops
Venti Xiangling Lisa Zhongli
Damaged Mask
Hilchurl Drops
Razor Xingqiu Noelle Chongyun Jean
Firm Arrowhead
Hilchurl Shooter Drops
Xiao Fischl Amber Diona
Divining Scroll
Samachurl Drops
Qiqi Barbara Klee
Heavy Horn
Motachurl Drops
Dead Ley Line Branch
Abyss Mage Drops
Chaos Device
Chaos Device
Mist Grass Pollen
Fatui Cicin Mage Drops
Hunters Sacrificial Knife
Fatui Agent Drops
Recruits Insignia
Fatui Skirmishers Drops
Diluc Childe Ningguang
Treasure Hoarder Insignia
Treasure Hoarder Drops
Kaeya Beidou Xinyan Bennett
Fragile Bone Shard
Geovishap Hatchlings Drops
Whopperflower Nectar
Whopperflower Drops
Sucrose Mona Keqing

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