Share Not Your Treasures Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Share Not Your Treasures. Liyue. Side quest. World Quest.
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update 28/10/2020

Getting the quest

Share Not Your Treasures 1
Share Not Your Treasures 2

Go to the ruins near Guili Plains shown on the map above. You will find some rocks with a barrel bomb close to it. Detonate it, and there will be a ruin guard guarding the basement's entrance.

Share Not Your Treasures 3

Once you take out the ruin guard, you can go to the basement and pick up some treasures. Read the worn letter there to start the quest.

Light the bonfire

Share Not Your Treasures 4
Share Not Your Treasures 5

Bring a character that can use Pyro and go to the quest destination. Be prepared to fight some enemies because once you light the fire, you will get ambushed.

Find the treasure's location

Share Not Your Treasures 6
Share Not Your Treasures 7

Go to the highest point in Cuijue Slope, which is not that far from the teleport waypoint. If your stamina is not that high yet, you might want to prepare some stamina food.

Share Not Your Treasures 8

Once you reach it, get close to the tree and there will be an option for you to "dig" and get the treasure.

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Ganyu 6
with those skills..........she should be a 4 starts right?
Childe's a pretty chill guy compared to the other fatui.
Albedo 10
yes, sword user 100% confirmed
I had been collecting this things for days, it turned out that they respawn every 2 days
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