Nightrider in Genshin Impact. Fischl combat talent, normal attack, charge attack, plunge attack, stats, ascension materials.
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update 29/10/2020


Summons Oz, the night raven forged of darkness and lightning descends upon the land, dealing Electro DMG in a small AoE.

For the ability's duration, Oz will continuously attack nearby enemies with Freikugel.

Hold to adjust the location Oz will be summoned to.

Press again any time during the ability's duration to once again summon him to Fischl's side.

Attributes (Stats)

Level 1 - 5

Oz ATK DMG%88.895.5102111118
Summoning DMG%115124133144153

Level 6 - 10

Oz ATK DMG%124133142151160
Summoning DMG%162173185196208

Talent Level Up Materials

2Teachings of Balladx3Firm Arrowheadx6-
3Guide to Balladx2Sharp Arrowheadx3-
4Guide to Balladx4Sharp Arrowheadx4-
5Guide to Balladx6Sharp Arrowheadx6-
6Guide to Balladx9Sharp Arrowheadx9-
7Philosophies of Balladx4Weathered Arrowheadx4Spirit Locket of Boreasx1
8Philosophies of Balladx6Weathered Arrowheadx6Spirit Locket of Boreasx1
9Philosophies of Balladx9Weathered Arrowheadx15Spirit Locket of Boreasx1
10Philosophies of Balladx12Weathered Arrowheadx20Spirit Locket of Boreasx2

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