Genshin Patch 1.1 Updates

Genshin 1.1 Updates, official info from Chinese Livestream, leakes, new characters, new features.
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Xiao & Invitation to Mundane Life Event Wish
update 10/11/2020
Version 1.1 Updates


"A New Star Approaches" - Version 1.1 Update

Featured Characters

Version 1.1 New Characters
Tartaglia (Childe)
Tartaglia (Childe)

1. New Archon and Story Quests


After the version 1.1 update, the main story Archon Quest Chapter 1: Act III - A New Star Approaches will become available. You need to be at Adventure Rank 35, and complete the previous Archon quests to unlock this.

Coming with the update as well is the story quest Monoceros Caeli Chapter: Act I - Mighty Cyclops' Adventure! This quest focuses on Tartaglia's story. You need to complete the previous story quests, and use 1 story key to unlock.

The Story Quest Historia Antiqua Chapter: Act I - Sal Flore will become available at a later date.

2. New Characters and Weapons

"Childe" Tartaglia will become available right after the update, through the new event wish banner. He is a 5 star Hydro damage dealer that can go from ranged attacks with a bow, to going melee with water weapons. Coming with the new banner is the character trial, so everyone can try them out before committing to the summons.

Diona will also be available right away in the same wish event banner as Tartaglia. She is a 4 star ranged character with a bow that uses Cryo attacks to gain a shield, and has the ability to heal in an area.

Tartaglia Banner
zhongli event banner

*The characters "Vago Mundo" Zhongli (Geo) and "Blazing Riff" Xinyan will appear in a subsequent event wish.

Weapons Banner

2 new weapons exclusive to this event wish will also be released: Memory of Dust (Catalyst) and the 5-star weapon Skyward Harp (Bow). The duration of this weapon banner is the same as the character banner.

*The weapons Vortex Vanquisher (Polearm) and The Unforged (Claymore) will appear in a subsequent event wish.

3. Reputation system

City Reputation

Reputation is a new feature in the game where you can level up the cities through various tasks. Levelling them up will give rewards like blueprints for new items, or new food recipes. This feature will unlock Adventure Rank 25 and complete the required quests for the respective city.

4. New items and features

All of these new items are obtainable from the City Reputation System shown above.


Make Condensed Resin by storing your current original resin and crystal core to use them later. Condensed Resin can be used to double the rewards of Ley Lines and domains.

Anemo Compass

New craftable item, Anemoculus/Geoculus compass to help find their location.


Using the compass will show the area that they are in.

Gacha Banner Leaks 9

New item that lets you store wind spirits to create upcurrents.

Gacha Banner Leaks 8

Portable waypoint that you can place almost anywhere.

Gacha Banner Leaks 11

Portable cooking item that you can use to make food anywhere.

5. New enemy - Big Wei Hilichurl


Designed to be a cameo of the game company's CEO, Big Wei, in hilichurl form.

6. New event - Unreconciled Stars


7. Additional Changes in 1.1

  • Add a game encyclopedia to read about monsters, plants, materials, etc.
  • Customization options for keyboard and controller.
  • Resin limit raised from 120 to 160.
  • Battle Pass weekly mission reduced from 1600 to 1200.
  • More artifact filter options.
  • Option to lock equipments.
  • Excess exp from enhancing weapons will be returned.
  • Characters sent on an expedition can still be used in your party.
  • New system to let players eat food to heal quickly.


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