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update 16/11/2020

"Childe" Tartaglia Banner Rate up!

Tartaglia Banner

Duration: After the Version 1.1 Update – 2020/12/01 14:59 (Asia Server Time).
During this period, if you summon on the banner rate up, getting a 5 star will have a 50% chance of being Tartaglia! If you first 5 star on the banner is not Tartaglia, then the pity system will guarantee that your next 5 star will be Tartaglia. Diona, Ningguang, and Beidou rates are also increased!

Tartaglia Character Information

Tartaglia is part of the Fatui, No. 11 of The Harbingers. He appears in the main story quest in Liyue and gives us his alias: "Childe." He plays an important role in the story by helping us with the investigation.

There is also an additional story released through Genshin Impact's social media about how Tartaglia obtained the Sigil of Permission, a key item in the story's progression.

Is Tartaglia good?

His elemental skill can be used for a long duration, but the cooldown will be just as long. His melee form has the potential to deal very high continuous damage, especially if you already have the right setup on him, mainly you'll want Rust on him to boost his damage, and Hydro DMG% cup as well. His playstyle is unique, and can take some getting used to compared to most characters. It's highly recommended to try him in the test run first to see if he fits your playstyle before investing in the summons.

Test Run

Test Run

There is a character trial event available when the new update arrives, and will last until the rate up banner ends. There will also be some rewards for doing these. Keep in mind that the characters in the trial will have a set build/constellations level, which can make them feel differently than if you only go for a level 0 constellation. You can keep trying out these characters as many times as you want, but the rewards are only a one time claim.

Story Quest

Tartaglia Story

If you want to be more interested in Tartaglia, coming with the update as well is his story side quest: Monoceros Caeli Chapter.

You need to be at Adventurer Rank 40 or higher, then complete all quests in Chapter I: Act III - A New Star Approaches and Fabulae Textile Chapter: Act I - Bookworm Swordsman. This is a permanent unlock and not time limited.

Weapons Rate Up

Weapons Banner

It is worth noting that there are also new weapons in the weapons rate up banner. The two new 5 stars are said to be event exclusive, which could mean that they will not be obtainable once the banner ends.

Should you pull?

If you already like the character then you can try to go for him. Otherwise, consider if he is a unit that will fit into your team, or if you have the equipment or resources to raise him up. You only need 2 main DPS at most for Abyss, with 1 main DPS in each party. If you already have 2 really good main DPS, then Tartaglia doesn't offer much in terms of support, other than his passive that raises the party's normal attack level.

Since the pity summon counter does transfer from the previous time limited character banners, consider if you want to risk getting him in the summon, or save the guaranteed pity for a future character that you might want.


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Ganyu 6
with those skills..........she should be a 4 starts right?
Childe's a pretty chill guy compared to the other fatui.
Albedo 10
yes, sword user 100% confirmed
I had been collecting this things for days, it turned out that they respawn every 2 days
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