Violet Arc

Violet Arc in Genshin Impact. Lisa combat talent, normal attack, charge attack, plunge attack, stats, ascension materials.
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New Character: Xiao & Event Wish


Channels the power of lightning to sweep bothersome matters away.

Releases a homing Lightning Orb. On hit, it deals Electro DMG, and applies a stack of Conductive status (Max 3 stacks) to enemies in a small AoE.

After an extended casting time, calls down lightning from the heavens, dealing massive Electro DMG to all nearby enemies.
Deals great amounts of extra damage to enemies based on the number of Conductive stacks applied to them, and clears their Conductive status.

Attributes (Stats)

Level 1 - 5

Press DMG%808692100106
Hold DMG% (Non Conductive)320344368400424
Hold DMG% (1 Stack)368396423460488
Hold DMG% (2 Stacks)424456488530562
Hold DMG% (3 Stacks)487524560609646

Level 6 - 10

Press DMG%112120128136144
Hold DMG% (Non Conductive)448480512544576
Hold DMG% (1 Stack)515552589626662
Hold DMG% (2 Stacks)594636678721763
Hold DMG% (3 Stacks)682731780828877

Talent Level Up Materials

2Teachings of Balladx3Slime Condensatex6-
3Guide to Balladx2Slime Secretionsx3-
4Guide to Balladx4Slime Secretionsx4-
5Guide to Balladx6Slime Secretionsx6-
6Guide to Balladx9Slime Secretionsx9-
7Philosophies of Balladx4Slime Concentratex4Dvalins Clawx1
8Philosophies of Balladx6Slime Concentratex6Dvalins Clawx1
9Philosophies of Balladx9Slime Concentratex15Dvalins Clawx1
10Philosophies of Balladx12Slime Concentratex20Dvalins Clawx2

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