Unreconciled Stars Event Guide & Meteorite Locations

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event. Patch 1.1 update. Free Fischl. Fading Star's Might. Fading Star's Essence. Crown of Insight. Crown of Sagehood.
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update 20/11/2020

Increase your salvage progress by defeating enemies within the area close to the meteorite. The event will complete if you are able to get 100% before the time runs out. If you go out of the circle, the salvage progress will decrease. As you progress through the battle, enemies will get stronger and gain elemental protection. You can use characters that gets increased damage during the event to help make things easier.

Event Mission

Star of Deceitful Dreams rewards

You need to salvage the meteorites a total of 30 times if you want to get all the rewards. Since it requires Original Resin for it to count, then you need 600 Original Resins for this.

Star of Destiny (Part 3)

Phase 3 starts on November 23. You will need to complete the starting quest first: "What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals" to unlock the event's third phase, "Star of Destiny."

After finishing the quest, you are required to do a mini puzzle before you are able to do the event. Rotate the circle around, until the outer circle's pattern matches with the ones outside the circle.

Fallen Star event

Similar to the previous crucible event, you can play this event Co-Op. Doing this will automatically group you together with random players from the same server. But unlike the crucible event, we are able to do the event in single player, so it won't be a forced co-op event. This event gives Fading Star's Essence, which are used to buy different things in the event shop compared to Fading Star's Might.

world level 6 phase 3 event rewards

Reward for World Level 6, Adventure Rank 45+.


Heroic Starburst
Fecund Starburst

During this event fight, a random player can get 1 of the 2 available buffs in the event, giving them an aura effect that will also affect anyone in the circle. You're going to want to stay close to your teammate that has the active buff to take advantage of it. Make sure to do the same if you happen to get the buff as well.

Take advantage of this effect to make the attempts much easier and faster to do.

Astral Anomaly

astral anomaly

When you do the event fight, there is always 1 set Astral Anomaly. These will determine what kind of challenge you will be facing when you do the fight.

The one you're going to want to keep in mind is the Inauspicious Star. This anomaly makes it so that you lose all of your energy if you ever get interrupted when submitting your energy. It's always safer to do the submission when there is only 1 enemy left and your teammates are drawing their attention, or immediately when the last enemy is killed.

Event Fight

Defeating enemies in the fight will give you celestial energy for you to submit it to the fallen star. There is a limit to how much you can hold, so try to submit it when it's safe before you reach the max amount. If you get attacked in the process of submission, then it will get cancelled, and you will lose some energy.

The best time to submit is when there is only 1 enemy left, and your teammates are drawing their attention. Some enemies will attack immediately after they spawn, so doing the submission the last enemy is defeated can be a little dangerous. Be sure to use the Starbursts effectively to increase energy submission as well.

Fading Star's Essence Exchange Shop

unreconciled stars phase 3 exchange shop rewards

The phase 3 exchange shop uses "Fading Star's Essence," which can only be obtained from the phase 3 of the event. It offers all of the silver and gold talent books, as well as Crown of Sagehood, which is an item to level up your talent to the max level, and some weapon exp materials.

Solo vs Co-Op

In Co-Op, the enemies spawns pretty quickly, and there is little downtime between enemy waves, so you'll have to try to submit when you don't have the enemy's attention. If you do it solo, enemies come in waves. After every wave, you are given a few seconds to submit the energy safely. The biggest difference is that there are solo might take more time because there are more enemy waves compared to Co-Op. Co-Op can end up being a lot faster to do, and the better option if you don't have a good team built yet.

Worth the Resin?

Same with the phase 2 of the event, the amount of rewards that you can get is worth more than using your Resins on the talent book domains, so it is highly recommended to do the event and take the rewards. This event also offers "Crown of Sagehood," which can only be obtained from events, so make that the first priority item to take.

Amount of Runs

All of the limited items combined totals to 786. There are 3 new meteoric quests that gives 60 essence, so you only need to farm about 726 worth of essences. The amount of runs you need depends on how many essence you get per run, which is determined by your world level. 15 for World Level 6, 17 (WL5), 20 (WL4), 23 (WL3)

If you want to take all the books only, then you need 516 essence (576 if you don't do all phase 3 meteoric quests). This will take 11 runs at World Level 6, 12 (WL5), 14 (WL4), 17 (WL3).


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