Get Ready for the Road Guide!

Get Ready for the Road. Event. Campaign. PC/Mobile only.
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update 26/09/2020

Get Ready for the Road Guide!

This is a campaign/event that only PC/Mobile players can do before starting the game. The event is available here. Make sure that you login first before you do so! To ensure that you receive your prizes, you must log in to your miHoYo Account for the event and use the same miHoYo Account to log in to the Genshin Impact and create a character after the game is released. This event will last until October 10th (GMT +8) so you still have some time to do this even after the game is released.

Important note

The "Card Draw Phase" will only last till 09/28/2020 (11:59 PM), but you can move things around in your inventory until October 10th, as stated in the "Rules" on the left side of the event page.

How to play

It’s not really a “mini-game” since all you have to do is simply open all the boxes, and you will get whatever reward that you get a 3 of. Once you get the items, they will appear in the “Inventory Preview” section, and you will have to click on the items to move them into your backpack to finalize it. You can freely take things in and out of the backpack so there’s no need to worry about making a mistake. However, there is a limit to how many things you can carry in your backpack and the limit is 16, not 16 items though. Items have a “weight” to them, and they are determined by the rarity of the items (not the stars), that you can check by clicking on the “Prize Preview” on the left.

Luck System

  1. You will receive 1 luck point for every prize you win. The maximum luck score you can reach is 25.

  2. When you reach a luck score of 25, you will "luck out." When you are lucked out, you are guaranteed to win a class A prize on your next try.

  3. After you have won a class A prize while lucked out, the lucked out status will disappear and your luck score will be reset. You will then start accumulating luck points from zero once more.


There are A to E rarity items, and each rarity has their own “weight rating” to them.
Items in the “A” rarity costs 10 in the inventory limit, B is 6, C is 4, D is 3, E is 2. You can only take up to a total of 16 “weight rating” and there is no way to increase this. This means that you can only take 1 in A rarity, and 1 B rarity, or other combinations like 2 in B and 1 C, etc.

Getting Tries

  1. During the event, each traveler will receive 1 free try the first time they log into the event page. In addition, you can receive bonus tries each day by completing various tasks, such as visiting the website, sharing links, and linking your email.

  2. Each try is only valid on the day that it is issued. If you do not use up all tries for that day, they will not be carried over to the next day. So, don't forget to try your luck each day!

Recommended Items to Take

It is generally recommended by many other players who played, or tried the previous betas, to pick up the two red accessories in rarity B, which are Gladiator’s Destiny and Gladiator’s Nostalgia (red feather and flower). This is because equipment sets give bonuses to a character’s stats, and equipping at least 2 of the gladiator’s equipment will give an attack increase. This can really help new players starting out instead of the other set bonuses to speed up progress. Also, not every character can equip every weapon, so getting the Rarity 4 weapons can end up becoming useless. An upgraded 3 star weapon is also stronger than a base 4 star weapon, and it’s much easier to upgrade.

tl;dr go with 2 rarity B reds, and 1 rarity C sword.

Other Important Notes

Taken from the "Rules" section of the page.

  1. You must select "Redeem Items" before the event ends. Otherwise, the items will not be converted into in-game items in Genshin Impact, and will be rendered void.

  2. You may only redeem items once, and the action of redeeming items is irreversible. Please double-check your inventory items before redeeming them.

  3. If you encounter any issues during the event, please contact customer service.

  4. We reserve the right to pause this event, amend the rules, or take similar corrective action if the event is disrupted for reasons beyond our control. Such reasons may include, but are not limited to, force majeure, network issues, and fraud.

  5. We reserve the right of final interpretation of the rules of this event, to the extent permissible by law.


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