Farming Flaming Flower Stamen

Genshin Impact Farming Flaming Flower Stamen. Fire flowers. Warming Bottle. Flaming Essential Oil. Heatshield potion.
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Flaming Flower Stamen

flaming flower stamen description

Flaming Flower Stamens are obtained from fire flowers that you find in the wild.

flaming flowers in the world

They are spread around the map, and you may have seen plenty already. They emit a small glow, and are often surrounded by fire near the flower. Use Hydro elemental abilities to extinguish the fire so you can pick them up. You can use Barbara's elemental skill, and touch them with the water rings to easily extinguish them, or just use Barbara's normal attacks.

Flaming Flower Stamen Uses

flaming essential oil and heatshield potion

Fire Flower Stamens are used for the fire related potions. Flaming Essential Oil increases your party's Pyro DMG by 25%, while Heatshield Potion increases your party's Pyro RES by 25%.

warming bottle required materials

It will also be used to craft Warming Bottle, an item that will be available in Dragonspine to lower sheer cold status. You obtain the blueprint to craft these by getting your Frostbearing Tree to level 4. Since Sheer Cold will play an important part as you travel in Dragonspine, you might want to craft many of these to have an easier time.

Thousand Winds Temple

thousand winds temple
flaming flower near temple of the wolf domain area

There are 2 flaming flowers very close to the Temple of the Wolf domain door, in Thousand Winds Temple.

Cape Oath

cape oath area
2 flaming flower near cape oath teleport waypoint

Another 2 that you can easily pick up, it's close to the teleport waypoint in Cape Oath, which is just southeast of Thousand Winds Temple.

Dadaupa Gorge

dadaupa gorge
4 flaming flowers in dadaupa gorge

4 flaming flowers in one of the hilichurl camps. It's close to the tower that's at the end of the area shown above.

North of Jueyun Karst

north of jueyun karst
flaming flower in jueyun karst area

Heading over to Liyue region, there are 3/4 north of Jueyun Karst. It's easier to get there by going to the teleport waypoint in Qingyun Peak if you've already unlocked it. Simple glide to the east to the marked area.

Dunyu Ruins

3 flaming flower areas in dunyu ruin

About 3 or 4 in each area marked above. They are quite easy to spot and reach. Teleport to the Statue of The Seven in Dunyu Ruins, and head to the 3 separate locations to pick up a lot of flaming flowers.

Tianqiu Valley

tianqiu valley
flaming flowers in tinaqiu valley

3 in Tianqiu Valley, not far from the teleport waypoint.


4 flaming flowers in nantianmen

West of Jueyun Karst, is Nantianmen. There are 4 flaming flowers here, with a hidden treasure that you can also "dig" in the middle of the group of flowers.


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