Version 1.1 release date! And other future planned updates.

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update 10/10/2020

Future patch release date and schedule

Chinese version of Genshin Impact made an official news post that you can read here. Here are the notable points:

  • Developers were busy ensuring the stability of the game through bug-fixes, preventing hackers, etc.
  • Previously planned events were cancelled due to flaws that were abusable.
  • In the future, each region (like Mondstadt or Liyue) will have their own unique festivals.
  • Will try to update the game to newer version every 6 weeks.
  • Version 1.1 is planned to be released on November 11th.
  • Version 1.2 expected to be December 23rd.
  • Version 1.3 to be around February of 2021.

Developer Q&A


On a separate forum post, the developers posted a Q&A about the game. Here are the notable things planned for the upcoming version 1.1:

  • An equipment lock feature.
  • "Encyclopedia" for monsters, small animals, plants, etc.
  • "God Detector" for finding Anemoculus/Geoculus/treasure chests.
  • Auto consume food.
  • Camera view point changes.
  • Fix to Hydro and Electro elemental reaction.
  • Overflow experience will be returned to ore for refining.
  • Elemental reaction damage caused by the environment will be scaled to your world level.
  • Report function will be added.
  • Characters sent out on expedition will be usable in party.
  • Fix to elemental reaction triggering based on range, which affects characters like Lisa.

Read the full translated post from the reddit link below.

Patch 1.1 Leaks

More leaked images for the upcoming patch 1.1 have showed up. Check the leak page from the link below.


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