Puzzles, Secrets, and Hidden Chests in Liyue

Puzzles, Secrets, and Hidden Chests in Liyue. Torches. Sea of Clouds. Precious chests.
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update 30/10/2020
3 unlit torches north of liyue harbor
3 unlit torches

This is the area slightly north east of Liyue Harbor. There are 3 unlit torches in the area marked above. Simply light them all with any Pyro attacks and a hidden chest will appear.

Buried treasure near campsite

northeast liyue harbor
buried treasure near camp

Area northeast of Liyue Harbor, in the marked location, there is a campsite with a hidden buried treasure near the edge.

Guyun Stone Forest

Treasure Island

treasure island location
wind upcurrent

To get to the marked location, head to north of the Geo Hypostasis island, and activate the windmill with an anemo attack to create an upcurrent. Alternatively, you can make an ice bridge by freezing the water using Kaeya to get there.

digging up a treasure

There are 2 treasures in the island that you can obtain by digging for them. One is near the broken boat, and the other near the big rock.

another wind upcurrent

If you haven't picked up the treasure from the heart shaped island further to the north, you can use this device to create a wind upcurrent as well. Activate it by placing down a Geo structure using characters like Geo main character, Zhongli, or Ningguang.

Heart Shaped Island


You need 2 players for this part. In the island north of the Geo Hypostasis, or east of Yaoguang Shoal, there is a small island with a heart.


You can get there easily by going to the island where the Geo Hypostasis is, there is a small windmill just north of the boss that you can use to create an upcurrent. Use an Anemo attack to activate it.


Glide all the way to the island and stand on the heart with your friend, and a luxurious chest will appear. If it doesn't, try it with different gender characters, or logging out and log back in, because it can be a little buggy.

Unmarked Side Quest 2

A Lone Ship in Guyun 2

All the way down on the southeast area of Liyue region, in Guyun Stone Forest, there is also another ship that you can board to get a side quest. You can reach there by swimming there, or by gliding from the top of the mountain near the domain area.

Qingce Village

Qingce village waterwheel marked location
qingce village chest near waterwheel

In Qingce Village, there is a common chest that blends with the color of the waterwheel, making it easily missable.

Little Zuo

qingce village treasure
treasure near little zuo

Near the river area, close to a little boy npc that's running around, there is a pile of dirt that you can blow away using an Anemo attack. After it's blown away, you can then dig in that location to get a treasure chest.

Next to waterfall

south of qingce village
near the waterfall and bamboos

South of Qingce Village, there is a small area with a waterfall. It has 2 places with some crystal chunks. The one in the bamboos has a treasure chest that you will have to dig to get.

Jueyun Karst and Qingyun Peak

Frog Statue

jueyun karst bridge
frog statue in jueyun karst in front of the bridge

The marked spot is in the "J" shown in the picture above. To the side of the bridge, there is a frog statue that you can interact. Investigate it to reveal a hidden chest.

Mountain Area

north of jueyun karst
top of the rock view
hidden chest in qingyun peak

North of the previous location in Jueyun Karst, there is a hidden chest that only appears when you are close. The spot is near the rock shown in the picture above.

qingyun peak hidden treasure mark on the map
hidden chest in qingyun peak

West of the last location, this chest also only appears when you are close. This one is at the top of the rock.

3 frogs

3 frogs location
3 frogs with diggable treasure

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven - Geo in Qingyun Peak, then drop all the way down from behind the statue. At the ground floor, you can find 3 frog statues with a treasure that you can dig in the middle of them.

Hidden in bushes

hidden treasuer in jueyun karst after destroying bushes
hidden treasure that shows after destroying bushes

From Taishan Mansion domain, head east until you go up a small set of stairs. There are some bushes there that you can destroy. A hidden chest will appear after you clear it out.

Between Lingju Pass and Mt Tianheng

in between lingju pass and mt tianheng
burnable wood 3

This area is west of Liyue Harbor. In between Lingju Pass and Mt Tianhend, there is a burnable wood located in the spot marked above. Once you light it on fire, several Pyro slimes will show up. Once you clear all of them out, a hidden chest will appear.

Tianqiu Valley

Buried Statue

tianqiu valley area
buried statue

From the teleport waypoint west of the Pyro flower boss, head south and go to the spot shown in the marked location. There is a buried statue, and you can dig near the legs area to find a hidden chest.


How do i get inside the crevice?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The crevice, as of 1.3 update is unaccessible. Shame I didn't get the treasure...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is absolutely accessible! Just takes like an hour of climbing into a tiny hole until you finally glitch the game out enough to get in. The chest is very much still there. If you need a more detailed explanation of how to get in I'd look it up cause i dont have any pictures to show you unfortunately
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually its still there. You just need to defeat the challenge infront of the domain.
<< Anonymous
Nico Reply
Still there. Either you use a smaller character or just try to fit your character inside
The one that you stand on a dead branch didnt work- heLP
<< Anonymous(Maru)
tortellini Reply
south of the branches there's a rock with very small sparkles on it; start there and follow the sparkles to the branch
<< Anonymous(tortellini)
Anonymous Reply
Oh wow thanks for this comment. Finally got all treasures in Liyue. Cheers!
<< Anonymous(Maru)
Nico Reply
It’s like a relay thing. There’s a rock that has sparkles and you have to stand on that. Then next it transfers to a dead branch and you stand on there again. Until you reach the one near the tree.
thank yoou
how do you do the box one?? none of the boxes could be destroyed-
Thanks so much for this :D
Thank youuu
Thanks mate, really helped me out!

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