The Chalk Prince and the Dragon Event

Genshin Impact The Chalk Prince and the Dragon Event. Festering Dragon Marrow. Crown of Insight. Refining the Festering Desire. Rime-worn fragments. Rime-Worn crystals. Glimmering Essence. Warm Essence. Miraculous Essence.
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update 04/01/2021

Event Overview

The Chalk Prince and the Dragon event banner

Albedo has found a cursed sword with a mysterious power. Help Albedo unlock its potential by drawing out its strength. Complete missions in each acts to unlock additional effects for the sword that can help you in Dragonspine, as well as get plenty of rewards.

Event Duration

All times below based on server time

Event Gameplay Period: After updating to Version 1.2 – 2021/01/05 03:59
Act I Start: After updating to Version 1.2
Act II Start: 2020/12/25 04:00
Act III Start: 2020/12/28 04:00
Act IV Start: 2020/12/31 04:00

Event Shop Period: After updating to Version 1.2 – 2021/01/12 03:59

Festering Desire

festering desire weapon effect

In this event, players are given a free 4* sword: Festering Fang, that has additional effects after completing all missions from each acts.

festering desire additional effects

The additional effects only work against enemies in the Dragonspine region, and will only last until the duration of the event. During this event, the weapon also gets a x1.5 exp bonus if you level up the weapon.
Additional effects:

  • The character who equips this weapon during the event will deal 60% more DMG to opponents in the Dragonspine region.
  • The character who equips this weapon during the event will accumulate Sheer Cold at a slower rate. They also gain 35% extra CRIT Rate against opponents in the Dragonspine region.
  • The character who equips this weapon during the event gains 50% extra DMG dealt via Scarlet Quartzes. They also deal 70% additional CRIT DMG to opponents in the Dragonspine Region.
event phases
act i missions for festering desire

This event has 4 acts, and completing each act will unlock a new power for the Festering Desire for the duration of the event.

act 2 to 4 event drops

Act 2~4 have their own event mechanic, and each completion gives you an item used to buy things at the event exchange shop.

Act I

rimeworn fragments

Act I simply requires you to defeat enemies in Dragonspine area. Defeated enemies can sometimes drop Rime-Worn Fragments/Crystals. Common/basic enemies like slimes or hilichurls will drop fragments, while enemies like Cicin Mage, or Mitachurls drops Crystals.

Act II

act 2 event description
testing ground description

Begins on 25th of December, and there will be a short quest involving the sword. After completing the quest, Testing Grounds will be marked on the map, where you can do some timed challenges.

In the challenge, the environment will change into a snowstorm, increasing the rate of sheer cold. Enemies will start to appear, and they have random buffs. Simply defeat them within the time limit with at least 1 ruin brazier still standing to complete the challenge. The amount of Glimmering Essence depends on your world level. At World Level 7, each completion gives 150 essences.


Begins on December 28, you are tasked with guiding a warming seelie to its destination, while also defending against enemy's attacks. In the challenge, the enemies are also given random buffs, but the warming seelie also occasionally drops scarlet quartzes that you can use to deal extra damage.

Act IV

resurgent cryo regisvine info

Available on December 31, Act IV is a boss fight against the Resurgent Cryo Regisvine.

In the fight, you will have to use scarlet quartzes that you obtain from defeating nearby enemies, then use it to destroy the blue crystals surrounding the boss. After that, similar to the regular Cryo Regisvine, you need to destroy the core at the root to disable it. Use Pyro attacks to help destroy it faster.

The Resurgent Cryo Regisvine can unleash a powerful move, and you will have to defend yourself by destroying the Seeds of Winter to create a barrier.

Event Shop

event shop

Aside from the rewards that we get from completing the missions, there is also an event exchange shop. Each act gives a different item to exchange at the shop, which is why the shop has 3 different sections. Each shop comes with some Mora, weapon, and character exp materials, as well as the item needed to refine the Festering Desire.

Miraculous Essence shop also sells Crown of Insight, which are used to max level a talent, and they are a rare item only obtainable through events. It's recommended to prioritize getting it first, if you are limited on time.


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