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update 06/01/2021

Dealing high damage

You may have seen some videos or showcases of people being able to hit more than 100,000+ damage, or even 1 million!. This requires some good gear, of course, but it also requires proper and specific setup, as well as a lot of buffs and multiplier stacking. This guide aims to help explain the setup so that you can potentially do it too.

Key Buffers


In order to do absurdly high damage, you need good buffers/supports. Bennett, Mona, and Sucrose are amazing at doing just that. Even though they are "key" characters that are important, it doesn't necessarily mean that the combo fails if you don't have them. You will just deal less damage.

These characters are essentially the "enablers" for your main DPS to do the big damage. That being said, they can also be the one to deal the main damage themselves.



Bennett's role in the party is to simply give an attack boost. Sounds simple enough, but the attack boost that he gives is VERY significant, especially if you have a constellation 1 Bennett. His elemental burst gives an attack boost based on his base attack. This means that if you want to increase the attack boost that he gives, you only need to increase his level (character and talent), as well as the weapon that he uses. Attack increasing stats from artifacts won't increase the boost that he gives.

bennett base attack
bennett total attack

Using this image example, his base attack is 605. At level 8 of his elemental burst, he gives 89.6% attack based on his base attack, which is +542.08 attack. If you have him at constellation level 1, the attack boost is increased by another 20%, making it 109.6%, which is 663.08.

buff comparison

By looking at the left image above, we can see that the difference is indeed +663 attack from before, which is almost equivalent to equipping an additional 5 star sword at level 90, and this attack buff applies to any character on the field standing inside the circle, not just to bennett.

The image on the right is if you equip him with a full 4 piece Noblesse Oblige artifact set, which gives an additional 20% attack increase, so 89.6% + 20%(C1) + 20% (NO) = 129.6% x 605 = 1934.



Sucrose's role in the party is to reduce the enemy's elemental resistance, as well as boosting your elemental mastery.

sucrose skill comparison

Applying swirl on an enemy will give all party members' elemental mastery, except sucrose. A level 20 elemental mastery main stat artifact gives 187 EM. If you equip 3 elemental mastery main stat artifacts on her, you will get 187 x 3 x 20% + 50 = 162.2, which is almost like giving any of your character a maxed out EM main stat artifact piece. But how much of a boost does it give?

sucrose elemental mastery boost

Looking at the character detail shows us the damage increase. At 163 EM, it gives 28.9% damage increase for Vaporize and Melt, and 69.3% for the other reactions. Since Vaporize and Melt are the reactions that can deal x2 damage bonus, they are the ones that you want to be focusing on. 28.9% damage increase might not seem like much, but there are no other characters that can give higher increase.

You can increase her EM even further through substats, or equipping a weapon with an EM secondary.

viridescent set bonus

The important thing for Sucrose is that you need to equip her with the Anemo artifact set: Viridescent Venerer. Swirling an element from the enemy will reduce their resistance to that element by 40%. This can essentially be interpreted as 40% more damage, however, enemies have varying resistances to elements, and going below 0% will cause whatever is left to be reduced by half. Most standard enemies have 10% resistances to attacks, so reducing it by 40% just means that it gets reduced by 25%.

thrilling tales of dragon slayers

The last thing you can consider for Sucrose is the 3 star weapon: Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. This weapon's passive makes it so that you can give an attack boost to the next character that you switch to, which will play a part in the combo rotation, should you decide to use it.



If you are just using her as a support for your main DPS' burst, then she's only in the party for her elemental burst, which increases damage dealt to enemies affected by her burst. You can also equip her with Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, if you don't have it on Sucrose. The effect won't stack if you use it twice (not 100% sure).

If you are using her as the main burst character that deals the damage, then her elemental burst can deal one of, if not the, highest possible damage dealt by any character. This is because Vaporize reaction can deal x2 damage, if it is triggered by the Hydro character. Her burst multiplier is also very high, since it's just a single instance of damage.

Alternative Characters

Traveler (Lumine)DionaAlbedoKlee

  • Any Anemo character can work for Viridescent set, so you don't have to always use Sucrose. Anemo traveler at constellation level 6 can also reduce the enemy's RES by 20%, but this probably won't stack with Viridescent.
  • Diona at constellation level 6 gives 200 Elemental Mastery if you're above 50% hp.
  • Albedo's 4th ascension passive gives 125 Elemental Mastery.
  • Klee at constellation level 2 reduces enemy's DEF by 23%.
  • Any Geo elemental character can also make use of the 4 piece Archaic Petra effect, but the one equipping the set has to be the one to pick up the crystal for the bonus to work.

Buffs and multipliers

adeptus temptation

To deal high damage, your main burst hero will need high attack. Foods like the Adeptus' Temptation increases your attack by 260-372, as well as increases your crit rate by 8-12%. This gives quite a high and easy boost. Alternatively, you can use Jade Parcels, or something like "Die Heilige Sinfonie" for physical damage, Fischl's signature dish when you try to cook "Cold Cut Platter".

crafting items
elemental potion effects

Then there's potions that you can craft. You can use this together with the food buff for an even higher damage increase. Be sure to craft these using Lisa so that you have a chance to get some items back whenever you craft potions.

crit damage crown

Lastly, you will want to have high crit damage on your character. Crit damage is the final part of a damage calculation that will outright multiply your damage by whatever your crit damage is. You can only get a crit damage mainstats on crown artifacts, and a level 20 crit damage crown gives 62.2%. You can get more crit damage through the substats from your other artifact pieces, and also the secondary stat from certain weapons. It's recommended to get some good amount of crit chance so that you can reliably get those crits.


  • Bennett, Sucrose, and Mona are very important characters for highest possible damage setup, but not necessary if you just want to deal high damage.
  • Increase Bennett's character level, burst talent level, and weapon, to increase his base attack so he can give more attack for your main DPS.
  • Give Sucrose 4 piece Viridescent Venerer, and equip her with Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, or any weapon with elemental mastery as the secondary stat.
  • Levelling up Sucrose or raising her EM through artifacts is beneficial, but optional.
  • Level up Mona's elemental burst to deal more damage.
  • Equip thrilling tales on Mona if you don't equip it on Sucrose.
  • Eat a food that increases your attack, and an elemental potion.

How to perform the ultimate combo

Even if you don't have the three mentioned supports, you can still follow along with the combo simply by doing the proper sequence. Try them out against bosses or random enemies that you find.

General use

  • Apply an element that your main DPS/Burster uses.
  • Swirl that element to apply the Viridescent Venerer artifact set debuff.
  • (optional) switch back to your main DPS if you are using Sucrose with Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers.
  • Use Bennett's elemental burst.
  • Use the main DPS' burst within Bennett's burst field.

Unique Characters


  • Apply Hydro to enemy by using normal attack(s), or the sprint skill. Don't use elemental skill because it deals DoT.
  • Switch to Sucrose and use her elemental skill to swirl the Hydro from the enemy, applying the Viridescent artifact debuff on them.
  • (optional) switch back to Mona if you are using Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers on Sucrose.
  • Switch to Bennett and use his elemental burst, which will also apply Pyro on the enemy.
  • Use Mona's elemental burst, and wait for 2 seconds.
  • Switch to Bennett after 2 seconds, then use Bennett's elemental skill on the enemy.

This combo makes it so that the damage that Mona deals from her burst get's the Vaporize reaction, which will deal double damage. The 2 seconds wait is so that damage part of her burst can do Vaporize reaction because of the internal cooldown.

Tartaglia (Childe)

If you are using Tartaglia as the main burst, then you won't need to use Mona. You can substitute her for a constellation 2 Klee, or Barbara for her Hydro damage increase from her elemental skill.

  • Apply Hydro to enemy by using Tartaglia's bow charged shot.
  • Switch to Sucrose and use her elemental skill to swirl the Hydro from the enemy, applying the Viridescent artifact debuff on them.
  • (optional) switch back to Tartaglia if you are using Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers on Sucrose.
  • Switch to Bennett and use his elemental burst on the enemy to apply Pyro.
  • (optional) use Klee's elemental skill to reduce enemy's def (constellation 2 Klee only).
  • (optional) switch to Barbara and use her elemental skill without getting close to the enemy.
  • Switch to Tartaglia and activate his elemental skill away from the enemy, so that the activation does not damage the enemy.
  • Use Tartaglia's burst in Bennett's ultimate field.

Tartaglia's charged shot is used first so that his elemental skill will not be on cooldown after you do the rest of the setup. The important thing to keep in mind is to not activate his elemental skill close to the enemy, which can end up wiping the Pyro from the enemy. You can also use his ranged elemental burst to do the finishing blow, but it has less multiplier.

If you want to get Vaporize for the initial strike and riptide follow up damage, you will need to use Sucrose's elemental burst after using Bennett's burst, which will absorb the Pyro, and applies Pyro at a set interval. You will then need to time your burst so that Sucrose's ultimate blows Pyro in between Tartaglia's burst.


For Xingqiu, switch Mona with Amber in the party.

  • Apply Hydro to enemy by using Xingqiu's elemental burst.
  • Switch to Sucrose and use her elemental skill to swirl the Hydro from the enemy, applying the Viridescent artifact debuff on them.
  • (optional) switch back to Xingqiu if you are using Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers on Sucrose.
  • Switch to Bennett and use his elemental burst on the enemy to apply Pyro.
  • Use Amber's elemental burst.
  • Switch to Xingqiu and use his elemental skill.

Xingqiu deals high damage from his elemental skill. And just like Tartaglia, it has 2 parts that can take advantage of Vaporize reaction, except Xingqiu's skill is faster, so Amber is useful here for her burst to apply continuous Pyro.

Places to test damage


cryo regisvine

The Cryo/Pyro Regisvines are often the ones used to showcase these kinds of combos. This is because they have are a boss with a large HP pool that you can also apply an element to them, compared to some of the other bosses. Though naturally, the Cryo regisvine has high Cryo resistance, and the same with the Pyro resistance for the Pyro regisvine, so it's better not to use those elements against them if you want to deal high damage.

Abyss Floor 7

abyss floor 7

Another really popular place that you might see in damage showcases is in Abyss Floor 7. This is because the ley line disorder gives an additional 120% CRIT DMG increase. You also start with full burst gauge for your entire team, making it a convenient place to practice the combos. The enemies in floor 7 are all level 65, so if your character is already above that, then you will naturally end up dealing more damage to them because of how damage calculation is done.

The downside of the abyss is that you can't use items. So food buffs won't work in the abyss.

Domain bonuses

geo damage bonus domain

Certain domains also have bonuses for certain types of damage. For example, the Noblesse Oblige domain makes it so that all Geo damage is increased by 75%. Viridescent Venerer (Anemo artifact set) has 75% bonus to physical damage.

Ruin Guards

guyun stone forest
4 ruin guards

All the way southeast of the map, to the left of Domain of Guyun (Archaic Petra artifact domain), in Guyun Stone Forest, there is a place with 4 Ruin Guards. This can be a good place to test out your damage and bursts. Keep in mind that Ruin Guards have 70% physical resistance.

thousand winds temple
ruin guard with HP

If you want to fight just 1 Ruin Guard, all the way east of Mondstadt is the Thousand Winds Temple, a colosseum-like area with 1 Ruin Guard that has visible HP at the top of the screen. There are no convenient ways to get there, so you can just place a portable waypoint there. Every time you teleport back to the teleport waypoint, the Ruin Guard get reset, so its HP will go back to full, making it a convenient place to test your damage, or charge your burst. But if you kill it, then it will only respawn the next day. Also keep in mind that Ruin Guards have 70% physical resistance, so you will deal less damage using physical attacks.


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