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Got left out before. It's updated now.
Of course it a game that has hundreds of players playing Tho it’s kinda sus But who cares it’s going to be a surprise in any way
just wanted to say I found around 10+ at the statue of seven near the dawn winery, not labeled on this guide, in game, or any other guide I saw online. probably more than 9 if you look around a bit more
really? still seems like they have a lot of keys left though.
Had to double check, and you are right. It's fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out!
Diona 1
maybe you're in multiplayer mode?
dude, this set has Ajax written all over it
Thanks btw to the site owner :)
the design looks more western and nun-like to me. So i guess its rosaria
Fixed, thank you for pointing it out.
Plugging in your numbers, it's something like: (1000(your attack) * (1 + 50%)(element damage bonus)*(500%(skill multiplier))*50%(same level between you and your enemy)*(1 - 10%(enemy resistance)) + 20.000*33%(Zhongli 4th ascension passive)) * 120%(crit damage modifier) Not entirely sure yet if the 4th ascension passive is before the crit, but the result is roughly around 7425.
I had been collecting this things for days, it turned out that they respawn every 2 days
definitely highest burst character
Diluc 1
Is Diluc a relative of Himeko?



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