mechanic's demage output

hot to calculate the damage output ?
if we have some stats, look likes :
ex ==> elemental burst Zhongli (all talent unlocked & no cons)
- skill dmg = 500%
- HP = 20.000
- geo dmg bonus = 50%
- total atk = 1.000
- crit rate = 100%
- crit dmg = 120%

please give a formula about this, thanks


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damage calculation formula can be found here:

using your numbers, it's like:
(1000(your attack) * (1 + 50%)(element damage bonus)*(500%(skill multiplier))*50%(same level between you and your enemy)*(1 - 10%(enemy resistance)) + 20.000*33%(Zhongli 4th ascension passive)) * 120%(crit damage modifier)

Not entirely sure yet if the 4th ascension passive is before the crit, but the result is roughly around 7425.

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