The Festering Fang Quest Guide

Where can i find the prototype & locations of starsilver?
The starsilver ore you just kinda find around like iron ore, the prototype is making this quest impossible
<< Anonymous(Arisa)
You can get prototype if u feed the tree with those red looking thingy at level 8 i think so its gonna take a while but its not impossible just that its gonna take a while
Yes. Unfortunately, the prototype spear is not provided by the quest, so we have to use our own. The Frostbearing Tree at level 8 gives one as a reward, or you can buy 1 from either Mondstadt/Liyue gift shop using sigils. Otherwise, the only other way to get prototype materials are from weekly bosses.
<< Uroucyon_GameA
Only the Liyue shop, mondstat shop only sells a sword prototype
<< Anonymous(Xiangling)
Or run spiral abyss to get it
from weekly bosses, you get the highest drop rates from Stormterror level 1. would recommend if you don't need talent up materials of Dvalin.



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